Powers of Weakness

Smelly with the Powers of Weakness

Cquote1 You smell! Cquote2
Every person who has ever talked to Smelly

Smelly is a guy in the Powers of Weakness. He is second of command in the group.



Smelly was born when a sun crashed into some planet. Smelly was created in the explosion. Smelly also smells due to his odd birth. Nobody knows why.

Powers of Weakness

Smelly is one of the Powers of Weakness. He decided that if he infiltrated the group, he could gain power over the weak. So, that's exactly what he did. Then, he said he just got a promotion, and he got to be second in command. Nobody argued because he pulled out a knife. Of course, it was just plastic, but a knife is a knife.

Overthrow Attempt

While the POW were at their lowest moment, Smelly took his chance, and tried to overthrow the Weakling King. It didn't work, and he had to sit in the corner for two years. Then, he had to make lunch for EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD.


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