The Smell Masters are an ancient group of weird creepy people who lived in Hyrule. They were the first known smell manipulators. It was originally believed they were a legend, but it is now proved because the smart guys dug up proof. Smell Masters is now a restaurant found in the richest part of Hyrule.

The Smell Masters were believed to be a bunch of guys who ran around wearing funny clothing, trying to rob people by manipulating the stink in the area. This didn't work, because all of the smell masters died out in 3-5 years after their formation. Scientists are still trying to figure out why.

Homer Simpson is believed to be a descendant of the smell masters, but he argues that this is impossible. His father stinks too much. Scientists did not interview him, because they felt it would be too difficult. Instead, they just tried to interview a tree with a picture of Homer painted on it. There was no success.

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