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The Pink Slimes are the more peaceful, more hungry counterparts of the Fire Slime

cute lil bugger is he?


The Pink Slimes were made by Ceiling Cat to combat the Fire Slimes. They decided to build their own island and make a huge all-you-can-eat buffet.

The Proto Pink Slimes were the end result of a experiment combining a genetically engineered strawberry with chemically altered ranch salad dressing.


  • Pink Slimes can eat ANYTHING: steel, titanium and even bedrock!
  • Ronald McDonald turns them into burgers.

BONUS!!!!! lava crystal slimes

lava crystal slimes in a cage ignore the hotbar and vac pac. the editors forgot to cut it out!

There name is incorrect. there are no lava slimes. but there called that because they look like crystals in lava. they existed when a boom slime slept on a crystal for too long. it then mutated and got crystals on it and turned large. more stupid boom slimes did that. they turned into more before they moved into a volcano.

they eat meat and veggie.

there poop is very expensive.

they can Asplode and live.and summon crystals that can stab idiots who step on them