A portrait of Slender Man.

The Slender Man (real name unknown) is an extremely cruel, evil and devious grizzly monster that lives deep beneath dark, unexplored land and woods. He is a mysterious being comparable to Harold. This creature was once known as the court jester of the king of Bikini Bottom in 1863, but, unlike other court jesters, he was known for being the sole manifestation of pure unadulterated evil. Eventually, he escaped Bikini Bottom and decided to scare people by just standing there in the distance. He tends to hide among trees because he is very tall and has many limbs. With this hiding strategy, he is usually noticed after being photographed unintentionally. As a result, he has grown a cult following thanks to his mysteriousness and creepiness. Nobody has yet to capture Slender Man. It is not known what happens to the victims of Slender Man.

In 2012, a shame titled Slender has been released. The goal of the game is to collect ten pieces of paper, each depicting the titular being. The game is impossible as it ends after the eighth piece is collected. Another shame called Hotel Slendermen has been made, which was released for the Game Boi.

The ruler of Minecraft, Notch, took the Slenderman's DNA and used it to make his own monster, the Enderman.


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