The awesome land of Skyrim

Skyrim is a place where people love to slay dragons and oddly, dance. Skyrim is NOT in the sky even though the name may imply it. Nothing much can be found here except for evil dragons that destroy everything in their path and the legendary Roostra. Their currency consists of arrows.


Well, Skyrim is really nothing but mountains, villages, and snow. There are also lots of mounatins in which dragons can be found. There are mountains in East Skyrim, West Skyrim, North Skyrim and South Skyrim. Don't forget Middle Skyrim. Did I mention there were mountains?


People in the world of Skyrim are really poor most likely because the only jobs availabe in Skyrim is dragon-hunting and dancers. Many people enjoy their jobs though which is probably why Skyrim never goes into an economic depression. Oh yeah, it's possible.



An example of how destructive a dragon can be

Like I said before, dragons are all over the place, creating havoc and terror. This is why King Worroa the 235th created the job of dragon-slaying. Even though nearly half of the people living in Skyrim are dragon-slayers (which is a lot if you didn't know), the dragon population is still big and nothing is safe. This job is very good and they get paid a lot. (10 arrows for every dragon killed)


A sign found throught Skyrim


Now this is a job many people of Skyrim would like but unfortantely, most of then have an arrow in their knee, preventing them from dancing at all. (They really should change their currency) The most famous dancer of them all in Skyrim is Lord Jabubu which created the dance, the Skyrim Shuffle.


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