Skydoesminecraft is an evil minecraft youtuber that slaughters animals, mainly squids for no reason and yells ate them for taking his "budder", which they did not do. He is hated by everyone, because he is a poacher.

Skydoesminecraft by biocryptid21-d5uas7l

Him murdering a squid for no reason


He was made by Satan, to ruin minecraft for everyone and did that. Then he started going insane and eating whole sticks of butter. Then this evil kid named Murfee showed him how to kill animals and he enjoyed it and became a poacher.


He was arrested for poaching elephants but during his trial he stabbed someone and escaped. Then he continued poaching squids. One day he was on a boat, waiting for squids to show up so he could kill them, when Steve Irwin jumped out of nowhere and yelled"ANIMAL KILLER" and shot him six times and pushed him over the boat were he was torn to pieces by angry squids. He had no funeral


This is what he really looks like

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