The only one that doesn't use the term, dude

Skips is the monkey who can fix anything. He was once a friend of the Heavy Weapons Guy. He is the only one who doesn't use the term dude. People often confuse him with the Evil Gorilla in Teletubby Land. When Skips notices them doing so, whoever made that mistake gets pwned badly.

Early Life

He once lived in the jungle as a regular gorilla, then after being drugged by Dipsy, He grew intense muscles and became heavy, because of that one of his legs were misplaced and skipped al the time. He became one of the Teletubbies's minions. He was a great handyman and heavyman. Mordecai and Rigby were attacked by him and one of the attacks were so strong he gave Rigby three buttcheeks. Mordecai drugged him again with the candy and fell asleep. They took him to Benson's.

Current Job

He works for Benson as a groundskeeper and always helps everyone with their muckups.


He knows everything since he was born in the 1500s but doesn't know how to use a computer. He also is very strong but gets bullied very easy and is provoked to listen to everyone's instructions no matter if they're evil or not.

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