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A human skeleton.

A Skeleton (also known as a Spooky Scary Skeleton) is a complex combination of bones that all people have inside their bodies. Sometimes, it can become sentient and turn into an undead monster. There are many different kinds of skeletons, all with their own unique attributes.

Skeletons spawn with a bow, and can shoot arrows at the player. There are also a special type of Skeleton called a Skelly.

Notable Skeletons


Bone regions that form the skeleton gradually move apart from each other when a certain individual gains weight just like Yo Mama.

Skeletons were once nothing more than an organism, contained by many creatures that had evolved from their boneless counterparts. These bony creatures were called vertebrates. The very first vertebrates, fish, evolved circa 300,899,999,790 BC. They eventually began to evolve into different creatures, with more advanced limbs and bigger bodies. They all had anatomical differences, which gave rise to many different kinds of skeletons. Again, skeletons were not sentient back then. Of course, this would change over the years.


Around 239,999,974 BC, Ganondorf with the power of the Death Note would undo the death of fallen dinosaurs in warfare and shape their skeletons to be in his likeness, creating brainless zombies for Ganon and his minions that would never deny his guess, even his most ridiculous request. After the war ended Ganondorf stopped making living skeletons and their population would diminish over time.

Gaining Sentience

Circa the early 1900s, an organization called Passione was founded. It was led by an anonymous Koopa, who had an accident with a flamethrower but somehow survived, most likely due to his abnormally resilient shell. Thus, he became the very first Dry Bones. His newfound condition was passed on from Koopa to Koopa, and was later transported to other species, such as humans, because of a certain individual named Mister Kooperton. Thus, skeletons around the world gained sentience and even, in some cases, began to attack.

Song of the Skeletons


Andrew Gold - Spooky Scary Skeletons


  • There are more skeletons on Earth than there are the living. Be afraid, be very afraid!
  • Bone marrow is in the bones in your body, and also SpongeBob SquarePants fruit snacks.