Sir G
Sir G is the possessed form of Googolplex. He was created when Space Marine Soldier got his hands on him. He is part of Space Marine Soldier's new team (In analogy to Count Bleck's) until getting banished to Heaven by Pepsiman  because of Dipsy's actions, turning him back into Googolplex. Later, he was turned back into Sir G just so Pepsiman can become Super Pepsiman. Freaking heck, Dipsy and his team destroyed Super Pepsiman, thus resulting in Sir G becoming Googolplex again. Things were normal for a while until Quetzalcoatl (Lucoa) showed up, turning him back into Sir G. Sending her possessed Googolplex at war with Redneck Joe with his possessed Luigi. This was until Silhouette showed up and told them to freaking stop the war, later getting the latter involved.


  • Although he retains the chinese symbol for "number", the black/red pentagram on his chest is replaced with a black/blue peace sign.
  • This page is literally an analogy to Mr. L, as while Luigi was brainwashed into a villain by other villains, Sir G on the other hand was Googolplex possessed into a hero by other heroes.
  • In contrast to the gunmetal, red, and maroon accents, he has silver, blue, and navy instead; probably because the former is a reference to Yin, while the latter is a reference to Yang.
  • Despite being possessed into a hero, he's still a demon according to his specimen.
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