Silver Goes Hunting is the first episode of The Silver Show.
The Silver Show

The title card for The Silver Show.


Silver finds himself a job as a hunter. Antics ensue.


Scene 1

Cut to Silver in the forest, holding a shotgun, with two hunters accompanying him.

SILVER: Aw, man! Why can't I use my psychic powers?

HUNTER #1: You're a hunter now. It's in your job description.

HUNTER #2: Maybe you should have gotten a job as a psychic instead.

SILVER: (Rolls eyes) Ha, ha. Very funny.

The first hunter holds up a hand and takes a single step forward. Silver and the other hunter freeze in their tracks.

HUNTER #1: (whispering) Shh! I see an animal of some kind.

SILVER: Oh, yeah! It looks big. I bet it's a deer, or maybe even a moose!

A shadowy figure emerges from within the woods. It turns out to be Fatman in an electric cart.

FATMAN: Hey, guys, do you know where Mr. Cold's evil hideout is? I need to catch him and bring him to justice!

Fatman pulls out a half-melted popsicle.

FATMAN: Also, I need to refrigerate this popsicle before it melts. I've only eaten twenty-two already!

The two hunters turn to Silver and glare at him.


Silver turns tail and runs away. Fade to black.

Scene 2

Cut to Silver on the outskirts of the woods, hovering above a large fence. The two hunters from before rush onto the scene, panting and sweating.

HUNTER #1: Phooey! We thought we'd never catch up to you. I think you should go back ther and apologize to that poor, innocent cosplayer right now!

HUNTER #2: Actually, I think that was the actual--

SILVER: Guys! Don't worry. I found some tracks on the other side of this fence.

HUNTER #2: Sweet! What kind of tracks are they?


HUNTER #1: Wait, I don't think he's learned to identify tracks yet.

HUNTER #2: Ugh...fine, Silver. Lift me up, over the fence. Then I'll tell you what kind of tracks they are.

Silver lifts the hunter over the fence as a loud honking noise greets him from the left, followed by a loud thwack.

HUNTER #1: What was that?!

SILVER: He landed on the tracks and got hit by a train.

Roll credits.


Learn to identlify tracks. Also, don't insult Fatman.


The electric cart that Fatman was riding was actually a modified version of the Fatmobile.

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