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Theypinchedbackagain3.jpeg Quick, Marty! We gotta get in the DeLorean and find out what the stupid UnTeam did in the future!

The following article has current events, and as such may be altered in the Future by the stupid UnTeam.
Silver the Hedgehog.png
Gender: Male
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Green
Species: Hedgehog
Home: Sanic City
Death: Fated, and died
AKA: Sanvc
Likes: Sanic SEGA
Dislikes: Sonic Evil SEGA
Education: SEGA
Occupation: SEGA
Known For: SEGA
UnRank: SEGA (28402)
Promotion: Yes (SEGA)

Silver is a hedgehog that is from the year 2200, when they invented time travel. He came back in time for very important reasons, but then got trapped in the present, and now must wait until the year 2200 before he is back in his time. After a DNA test, it was discovered Silver is actually Sonic from the future, but they pretended this was not true.


As Sonic

See Sonic.

As Silver

After Sonic was almost killed by Marx, he need intense medical treatment. Eventually, Napoleon Bonaparte arrived at Sonic's house, and offered to revive him, thinking he was dead. Sonic tried to inform Napoleon he was not dead, but the idiot did not listen, and zapped Sonic with the reviver thing he has.

The reviver thing is not supposed to be used on living people, and it messed Sonic up, big time. The radiation turned him silver, so people started calling him Silver, not knowing he was actually Sonic. Tails stepped up to become the leader of the Sonic Islands, but Silver beat him up, and took the throne.

After years of leading the Sonic Islands better than Sonic ever had, he eventually forgot he used to be Sonic. However, he read some random history book, and it told him about the legendary Sonic. He went back in time to go tell Sonic he should have led his country better, but then got trapped in the present. Sonic and Silver are now best friends, even though they're the same guy.


Silver was killed in the 2nd Ducky War, after he was sent to negotiate peace between Hyrule and the Ducky Empire. He had been sent from the Sonic Islands as an envoy, just in case there was still a chance to stop the war from causing a land-ravaging cataclysm. Silver failed to stop the war, and disappeared, never to be heard from again. Some say he was assassinated by Dark Ducky, while others say he was eaten alive by Slash. Still others ascertain that Silver was teleported to The end and beyond...and helped rebuild the UnUniverse with his dying breath, only for it to be converted into the Neotubby Empire. The latter theory has been angrily debunked by the Undefeatables, so anyone who believes this theory may consider themselves dead. Regardless, Blaze the Cat soon took over the SEGA Empire before it fell into anarchy circa 2201.

Emperor of the Sonic Islands
Tails (Killed)
(And Silver Tails)
Haven't an idea


  • Silver is in the future right now