Tinky Winky is the most annoying character, besides Po.

Shut Up Tinky Winky! is the 2nd episode episode of series one in the Teletubbies (TV Series). Tinky Winky will not shut up, so the Teletubbies try to shut him up.


The episode starts with the Baby Sun accidently drooling lava all over Thumper. Thumper gets mad, then he calls Rainbows to chase the sun all over the land with a kitchen sponge. Tinky Winky laughs at the sun, so the sun puts a spell on Tinky Winky that makes want to constantly talk about boring things, no matter what. Then Rainbows comes & chases the sun all over the land with a kitchen sponge. Doddy laughs at them going up, down, left, right, foward, back, all four corners & all around the land, from the acid lake to the Tubby Tower & the wheel. Tinky Winky goes up to Po, who is shooting people behind their backs, and annoys Po with his talking. This stops Po getting headshots, which annoys Po even more. Po yells "Shut up Tinky Winky!" and smacks Tinky Winky. Tinky Winky then goes up to Dipsy, who is making mess to annoy Noo-Noo, and annoys THEM with talking. This spoils Dipsy's fun, and annoys Noo-Noo more than Dipsy, so they both scream "Shut up Tinky Winky!" and dump him in an incinerator, but he somehow survives.

Tinky Winky then goes and annoys Laa-Laa, who has dared Jumbah to eat some Pie, and they both shout "Shut up Tinky Winky!" and throw the pie at him. Tinky Winky keeps on annoying everyone though, and eventually all the Teletubbies gang up on Tinky Winky and all repeatedly stab him, but he keeps on talking. Eventually, Po loses it, and chops Tinky Winky's head off with a giant battle axe. Everybody is glad that Tinky Winky has stopped talking, but Po isn't satsified. Po sees the sun, who has been watching the chaos, and throws Tinky Winky's servered head at the sun. This causes the sun to explode, and anyone who survives the explosion freezes to death in the following hours.


Many parents hated this episode, and every episode after this. Children thought the effects kicked ass, and scientists praised this episode for its scientific accuracy. Parents hated this episode because there was too much amounts of the phrase Shut Up! being said and everyone hurting Tinky Winky.


  • This is the first major role of the Baby Sun.
  • This is the 2nd episode Doddy has been in.
  • This is the first time Rainbows chased the Baby Sun.
  • This is the first time Thumper got mad with the sun.
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