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This vicious predator roams it's territory on a sunny day.

A Short Beaked Echidna in a weak state.


Echidna sneezing

A Short Beaked Echidna's best defense move.

Well hey there.

Short Beaked Echidnas (Tachyglossus aculeatus) are threatening hedgehogs with duck beaks. They are primitive ancestors of Tachyglossus ugandiensis. Keep in mind these powerhouses can only be found on the Australian continent, and are one of the cruelest predators in the UnWorld

Actually, they are some of the weaker animals in this world evident with the fact that they're best defensive attack is sneezing, normally, not in giant balls, like the spitballs of an Ugandan Knuckles, but then again, those are Knucklehead McSpazatrons.

Like platypuses and Clangers, Echidnas are monotremes, they lay eggs. Unlike those two a echidna is also like a marsupial, it has a baby specific pouch. To defeat a Short Beaked Echidna then try to make it trip up and land on it's back, then tickle it's belly and it should Asplode. This is recommended, but not the best way to be safe if a Short Beaked Echidna is nearby...

Domestic Echidnas

...That would be domesticating them! It's easy too, you just got to fetch it a Cockroach for it to eat and it will follow you're every command, but they sit best.

Sit, doggie, sit!

If you want it to stay on you're side, then feed it cockroaches every few months or else it will try to get a phone and convince the Teletubby Fleet to bomb the house you are living in, however, some days it will refuse to eat cockroaches and leave you be. So pray for these days and you can keep a pet SBE for you to love!

But just when you thought that they were weird enough...

Short Beaked Echidna Puggles

Yeah, I don't think that's a echidna...

Yep, that grey blob with a beak and beady eyes is a baby, these guys aren't all that notable... other than the fact that they slide their snouts on Milk to, "drink" it, this makes some believe that they are a sub species of Milk Drinking Note Book.