Cquote1 I have made a waffle! Cquote2
Shizuka Marikawa


Shizuka Marikawa is some random delinquent that drinks to much alcohol. She has tried to kick Malleo's balls because she wanted his fire flower .     

Relationships with other characters

  • Mario- She is some what friends Mario because they went to the Squadala Party.
  • Luigi- She refers Luigi as the man in the yellow hat for some weird reason.
  • Malleo- She hates him.
  • Mrs. Nesbitt- She thinks he's a zombie.
  • Waffle- DERP


She was seperated from birth with Mrs. Nesbitt when a fire burnt down the hospital of rabid cheese slugs in 1994. She was later adopted by deranged parents who were vegetarians and wore hats on their captain's quarters. When she went to school, some random kid who got hit on the head with a corn puff with RADISH ON THE SIDE. And from that day on, she vowed she would be a school nurse (All the kids were scared of going to her office). Then when Luigi was walking around one day, she tryed to kill him by dancing because she thought he was Kirby for some reason. Her dancing was so terrible that she created a ripple in space-time which transported her to Lego City in 2778. She fell from the sky, and landed in a pipe which transported her to Japan with zombies and shit. Yeah!!!

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