Sheogorath Statue

A Sheogorathistic shrine.


Founder and god of Sheogorathism

Sheogorathism is a religion founded by Sheogorath in the 14th century. It is a religion that honors Sheogorath and his sacred cheese. Sheogorathism is the national religion of Skyrim due to the Sheogorath Constitution. There are believed to be over 9000 Sheogorathists throughout the world. Chuck Norris only lets it survive because he thinks it's kind of cute.


Sheogorathists hold the belief that Sheogorath is the coolest guy ever, and is the supreme god. They believe that the other Daedric gods are simply lesser gods underneath him. He is actually one of the less powerful of the Daedric gods, but try telling that to a Sheogorathist. Sheogorathists are required to worship their god regularly.

Sheogorathists also hold the belief that cheese is the sacred element of Sheogorath. Cheese either must be eaten, or is forbidden from being eaten, depending on what the Sheogorath Constitution looks like at the moment. Cheese must be honored and worshiped regardless.


94% of all Sheogorathists are from Skyrim. The remaining 6% are random fools and idiots throughout the UnWorld. The nation with the second greatest Sheogorathist population is believed to be Koridai for some reason.


Most people do not like Sheogorathism because it makes no sense whatsoever. The other Daedric gods do not like it because it dares suggest Sheogorath is better than them. It seems the only people that like it are the brainwashed people of Skyrim and the Daedric Army.

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