Sheogorath Constitution

The Sheogorath Constitution

The Sheogorath Constitution is the document that governs Skyrim. It was written by Sheogorath in 1378, about five minutes after the end of the Skyrim Civil War and Sheogorath's takeover. It is basically a load of crap written by a madman about how awesome he is and how important cheese is, but Nobody is willing to tell him that.

All of his royal advisers told him that this was the stupidest thing that they had ever seen, but he ignored them and made this the official constitution of Skyrim. It was going to be longer, but Sheogorath said that he didn't feel like writing a long one, and came up with this crap instead.

The Crap Words on the Paper

Sheogorath Constitution

I, your great ruler, Sheogorath the Great, declare this document the official law of Skyrim. It is for all to be followed, or they shall be killed. There are only three rules in Skyrim. Rule one is obey the king. If you do not obey the king, you shall be killed. Rule two is eat cheese. If you do not eat cheese, you shall be killed. Rule three is practice Sheogorathism. If you do not practice Sheogorathism, you shall be killed. Should you follow these rules, than you shall not be killed. CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!




Sheogorath making some amendments.

Over several hundred years as the constitution of Skyrim, the Sheogorath Constitution has been amended 4,573,159,362 times. King Sheogorath amends it several times a day. His record is amending it 26,491 times in a single day. As you can see, he has no life.

1st Amendment: Cheese for no one.
2nd Amendment: Cheese for everyone!
3rd Amendment: Cheese for no one.
4th Amendment: Cheese for everyone!
5th Amendment: Cheese for no one.
6th Amendment: Cheese for someone.
7th Amendment: Cheese for everyone!
8th Amendment: Cheese for no one.
9th Amendment: Cheese for me only.
10th Amendment: Cheese for everyone!
11th Amendment: Cheese for no one.
12th Amendment: Cheese for the UnAnything Team.
13th Amendment: Cheese for no one.

You get the idea.

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