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The SheeBookie symbol.

The SheeBookie are a pirate organization which have allied themselves with the World Government in order to restock the amounts of cheese in the Unworld. They don't hesitate to dislike the world government, and they usually pwn people behind the WG's backs. They are also the second strongest organization of pirates, behind the Yonkoo.

Current Members

Lord Loss: Some random demon guy. One of the stronger members of the bunch.

Proffessor Membrane: Scientist dude who uses brains over brawn. Quite dumb in reality, though. Only he knows how this is possible.

Tails Doll: Freaky murderer nut who likes to lick his lips and get into arguments with Lord Loss.

Reflux the Knaaren: Guy who controls all the Knaaren's. He weilds a staff and Mario even wasn't able to beat him.

Bartholomew Kuma: Bear cyborg guy who has massive cases of explosive diarrhea all the time. Incredibly strong, even for the SheeBookie.

Hisa Takei: Student congress president of an unknown school. Extremely confident and confided in joining the SheeBookie because her friend Mako became a vice-admiral.

Squilliam Fancyson - The newest member of the SheeBookie. It is unknown how he earned the position as of yet.

Previous Members

Johnny C.: Used to be one of the most infamous SheeBookie, but was kicked out of the organization due to triggering the Buster Call on Saimoe.

Bowser: Shot off into space and never returned, so they kicked him out. (That's a LIE!)