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Shang Tsung has your soul!!! Quick get it back!!!!

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Shang Tsung, stealing your soul as we said he would.

Shang Tsung is Shao Kahn's bitch right hand man, who hosts those blasted tournaments created by some gods to stop Shao Kahn from conquering the world. He also has this habit of stealing people's souls.

Stuff about Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung has worked for Shao Kahn in Outworld for a long time. When Shao Kahn decided to wanted to conquer more worlds he sent Shang Tsung to host those annoying tournaments where Shang Tsung leads Kahn's minions to victory in the first nine tournaments. Then some guy kick's Shang Tsung's ass in every Tenth tournament which make Shao Kahn pissed off so Shang Tsung begs for another chance while pleading for his life like the wuss he is. Shao Kahn feels sorry for him and lets him live so Shang Tsung can repeat the process all over again. Once he teamed up with some other loser to defeat Shao Kahn, but he still got his ass handed to him.

Betrayal of Shao Kahn and death

Shang Tsung got tired of being Shao Kahn's bitch right hand man so he teamed up with Quan Chi. This didn't work, even though they though it did, so Shang Tsung fought in the big battle of Armageddon and got killed like a n00b . Yep, like a n00b . Still, he was the third last man standing, so he couldn't have been all that, who the hell are we kidding.

List of people who have pwned Shang Tsung

Other useful info

  • You soul is his. Better get it back quickly.
  • He's still hosting those pesky tournaments and is looking for Kombatants.
  • Like his master, he often replaces the letter "C" with the letter "K" as seen above.
  • You soul is still his.
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