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" Crappiest stuff I have EVER seen.. "
  — Everyone

MODEL L6X000.. We were unlucky to get this.

The Shame Boi Micro is a stupid handheld capable of emulating Shame Boi and Shame Boi Color shames (even badly)! It's a ripoff of the Shame Boi Advance that claims to be "smaller and more compact". It's so bad that you can't even directly play the original cartridges! How it "plays" shames is that when you insert a cartridge in (preferrably SBA, SBC and original SB cartridges) it copies and deletes the rom from the cartridge and copies it over to your Micro, effectively rendering the cartridge useless.

It was made by Wintendo and were sued by Nintendo after 6 months of production (really just King Harkinian and Link). It advertises that it crams all the features (not really) into one small metal coffin by removing important features!

Only 25,000 copies were really produced, with one being the best of them all: Model L6X000, only being produced once with a d-pad and.. something. We don't know. Even then, it was a stupid model anyways! We only know about this specific model because it is displayed in Mario's Museum as "My-a worst-a home eva!"!


One day, Wintendo saw the success of the Shame Boi line and wanted to capitalize off of it. This resulted in the creation of the Lame Boy. However, sales were not going as well as they thought.. So they made another. And again, they failed. They tried making the Lame Boy Primal, and that was their first handheld success selling.. 10 copies.

Still, they tried making a variation of the model, Lame Boy XL. Yet again no success. Failing with their creation they went back into the pits of procrastination.. FOREVER. Or did they?

Wintendo had a brilliant idea: Why not make a fake console claiming to be Nintendo-made and lazily slap on our logo and give it the "Shame Boi" brand? Brilliant idea! Surely they would last long with this revelation.

And so they started work on the Shame Boi Micro, lazily copying Nintendo's public code (for no reason) and putting it on a 14mb flash ROM. Surely it wouldn't work.. right? WRONG! It somehow did work, however it did have.. concessions..

Anyways, after lazily copying the ROM (resulting in duplicate code) and making it destroy cartridges (at least they put some hard work into that feature.. Did they?) they were ready to release it to the market. The Shame Boi Micro sold for $566 ($16384 in inflation) for the base model only. Slightly better models (only one revision, though..) sold for around $690-$4,200!

Of course, after six months of production and 25,000 copies being sold, Nintendo found out and sued them. Of course, Nintendo doesn't make the Shame Boi; King Harkinian and Link do! And so The King and Link sued Wintendo out of 14,149,434 (money made from 24,999 models) dollars!

As a result of this, Wintendo went through bankruptcy and was never revived again.


Of course, with making a bootleg comes its downsides. These are the concessions Wintendo made to create this thing! they're the following:

  • Actually playing the freaking cartridges themselves
  • Using a joystick
  • Limited play time (come on, 1 hour? Stupid crap anyways.)
  • Limited to only playing Mario

and more!