Cquote1 Fuck you, Goku! Cquote2
-Shaggy Talking to Goku
Cquote1 Zoinks! Cquote2
Shaggy's Most Famous Quote
Shaggy Rogers

The most Cowardly Undefeatable to ever live.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Brownish Orange-Yellow
Eye color: Black
Age: Immortal
Species: Human
Home: The Mystery Machine
Death: No.
AKA: Matthew Lillard
Likes: Banishing all Monsters and Celebrities
Dislikes: Ghosts, Monsters
Education: Many Years of Ghost Hunting.
Known For: Hunting for Countless Ghost and Unmasking Multiple Celebrities.
UnRank: 10^1.968e9

Shaggy Rogers is one of the Undefeatables in UnAnything.


Shaggy was once a guy who worked with a gang to catch Ghosts and Ghouls. He also adopted a dog named Scooby Doo. One day, Shaggy was attacking a giant monster, and when Shaggy tried to punch him, The Monster flew all the way to the Moon. Shaggy fainted after doing so.

Eventually, Shaggy awoke in the small town of Coolsville, Ohio, remembering what happened. So in order to truly test his wits, Shaggy soon went to the Undefeatable Palace, where we went on the UnRank Scales and Survived a hit from Cyber-Dee (Chuck Norris was busy).

Now that he was proven to be an Undefeatable, Shaggy's Life changed forever. And he is still here to this day.


Shaggy is able to use certain Levels of his power, here is a list of what he can do with this level of Power:

  • 1%: Be able to make wacky one-liners
  • 2%: Make a movie
  • 3%: Murder Someone
  • 5%: Turn Scooby-Doo into a 4-wheeler
  • 10% Achieve super-human strengths
  • 15%: Drive a vehicle perfectly
  • 20%: Get his homework done, destroy a large building
  • 25% Can see John Cena
  • 30%: Perfectly read opponents and coordinate their actions
  • 35%: Overthrow a ruler
  • 40%: Make complicated tools without a sweat
  • 45%: Gain elemental powers
  • 50%: Cause major damages to a city
  • 55%: Cause major damages to a continent
  • 60%: See alternate realities and fantasies
  • 65%: Learn Cosmic Flare, Abyssal Wings, Morning Star, Evade Bless, Diarahan, Amrita Drop, Sukukaja, and Spell Master
  • 70%: Teleport
  • 75%: Destroy a county
  • 80%: Breathe in Space
  • 85%: Destroy a planet
  • 90%: Wipe Utah from existence
  • 95%: Time Travel
  • 100% [*****REDACTED*****]
  • Over 100%: What? That's impossible? Let me quote Shaggy: "Like, who said 100% was my limit?"


Shaggy is a very powerful guy, as we mentioned before. Shaggy is also one of the most Afraid Guys in all of UnAnything, so he is a bit of a Glass Cannon himself. If he ever Played the Scary Maze Game, he will Pee out all of the Water inside him. Shaggy also likes Food, like Meatball Subs, Scooby Snacks, and Anything that can make you earn the Power of Super Fatness.


See The Shaggy Connection, or I will blast your head off with a Shoop da Whoop.


  • Barney Owes Him 5,000 Scooby Snacks.
  • He has an unending hatred for his three biggest rivals, Big Chungus, Moto Moto, and Duo. Shaggy is the reason the latter three aren't Undefeatables.
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