The Sesame street TV Series is an evil TV Series created by Elmo and his gang. It was prouduced in 1916.

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Nightmare on sesame Street 2


1. Elmo Goes on a Rampage

Elmo Kills all his gang.

2. Mr. Noodle Dies

Elmo is sick of Mr. Noodle's stupidity, so he kills him.

3. Cookie Monster's Problem

Cookie Monster's Cookies have been eaten by Big Bird, so Cookie Person shoots Big Bird.

4. The Death of Cookie Monster

Dipsy Kills Cookie monster.

5. Vacuum

Elmo gets sucked up by a vacuum and gets shot.

6. Elmo Dies

Ernie,Grover and Oscar the Grouch kill Elmo.

7. Cookie Weapons

Cookie Monster weaponizes his Cookies and Kills Ernie.

8. Oscar Loves Trash

Oscar Sings I Love Trash. Cookie Monster eats a trash cookie and dies.

9. Sesame street invasion

The Teletubbies come to the place and kill everybody, Including Cookie Monster.

10. Oscar dies

Kermit assassinates Oscar.

11. Look who's here

Tinky Winky Goes to sesame street but gets blown up by a mine planted by Elmo.

12. Nightmare on Sesame Street

Oscar Joins Freddy Krueger to kill people in their sleep.

13. Po is a menace

Po kills Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch.

14. Nightmare on Sesame Street 2

Oscar Kills Elmo in his sleep.

15. Bird on the lose

Big Bird goes crazy after Elmo poisoned his birdseed. Oscar eats cheese and asplodes.


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