Sesame Street Sign

The Sesame Street sign

Sesame Street is a street in a country somewhere. It is currently one of the largest streets in the world, the one street being considered an entire city. It is the home of the Elmo Gang.


The name Sesame Street derives from a Babbleish term, which translates to "Place where you will die." The term was chosen out of a hat when a street was created, and it is believed Giygas is the one who slipped such a terrible term in there as a joke.


Prehistoric and Ancient Times

In prehistoric times, Sesame Street was home to those known as the Pongulochatalos Cavemen. This was a tribe of cavemen that developed advanced technology (rocks) to slay their enemies, and then danced like idiots when they found cheese.

Several thousand years later, a group of ancient Hyruleians destroyed these cavemen, and declared themselves Uglians here. They set up Uglyous, and made a decent empire.

The Uglians were destroyed by neighbors all around them when they claimed they had more power than everyone else combined.

A Few Hundred Years Ago

A few hundred years ago, some guys came in, and declared a large area their new country. The ruins of the Uglians were part of this, and a new city was built over it. This city was Sesame City. They later renamed it Sesame Street.

Modern Times

After the Industrial Revolution, and people learned what technology was, Sesame Street became a normal city, not those pilgrims they were before. The places became modern, and they started fearing December 21st, 2012. Stu Pickles is known for killing people here, just for his sick kicks.

Crime Takes Over

In the past few years, names such as Elmo came up in Sesame Street. Elmo was the most infamous mob boss ever to be located in Sesame Street. He was also the first, and only one. As shown during Grand Theft Sesame Street, Elmo became a powerful mob boss that took over completely. Sesame Street has since fallen to crime.


Sesame Street is a very long street that stretches throughout a desert.


Sesame Street was originally governed by the country that it was in. But Elmo rose to power, and he bribed the people in charge to overlook the crime in Sesame Street. All Police are corrupt, and all people are criminals, or victims (often both).

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