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" Welcome to Vaniville Town! My name's Serena. "
  —Serena meeting Ash Ketchum for the first time.
Braixen "Serena" Yvonne
Serena XY.png
Fear this Wicked Yandere-Pokemon thingamabob!
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Age: 10/11 Years
Species: Pokemon/Human thing
Home: France
Death: Alas, She can't die.(?) Oh wait she can die, it just requires a demonic god to vomit her into a volcano.
Likes: Ash Ketchum
Dislikes: Ash rejecting Her
Education: Pokemon Training for Years
Master's Degree for Magic and Witchcraft
Known For: Killing Many People to get Ash.
Alignment: Neutral Evil
UnRank: -721,000

Serena is a Pokémon who is sexually attracted to Ash Ketchum and is more Insane than Dawn, which is REALLY something. (Hell, she KILLED her for crying out loud!) She is secretly also a member of the Decepticon Army. From a fictional universe, she leads the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukrainian_Insurgent_Army


When She Was a Pokemon

Serena when she was a Pokemon.

Serena was not always a human, she used to be a Pokemon just like Pikachu. She was a strange little bipedal fox named Braixen. Braixen was a unique specimen, to say the least. Unlike most other Pokemon, she was fascinated by humans and what they do. She was also into Witches and Witchcraft as well, which explains why she keeps a stick in her tail. Braixen wanted to meet and talk to people, though no one really likes furries, except for maybe Bronies, but even then they only like the accursed Ponies. And so, Braixen decided to learn more spells.

Braixen only knew fire spells at the time, so she decided to go to Squidward Community College and get a Masters Degree in Magic and Witchcraft. Afterwards, she used a transformation spell to turn her into the human she is now: Serena.

Life as a Human

Serena wasn't used to being a human, as expected. The way she talked to people wasn't right, her posture was improper, plus she smelled like a Fox and had no home. However, everything changed when she met Ash Ketchum. Ash Ketchum, being the nice guy he is, helped her with actually living normally and the two traveled Kalos together. This, of course, grew into a relationship that Serena superglued herself onto. However, after an incident with Malamar, Serena was sorta discovered to be a Pokemon and Ash Ketchum lost interest.


Serena turns into Braixen

Malamar gets rid of Serena's disguise!

Serena was pissed off at Malamar and decided to kill him after a long time deciding. Yeah, she could have just wipe the memory of Ash and his friends, but she is too Stupid to do that until sometime later. Ever since that day, Serena vowed to destory anyone who would get in the way of her and Ash's relationship. This was the beginning of the end.

Serena's Genocide

Serena started to murder a bunch of Pokemon Trainers and Pokemon, including Brock, Dawn, and Iris (For some time). Since Ash is an idiot, he was absolutely oblivious to what the hell was going on. After a while, Ash had to move out of Kalos and head towards Alola. Serena was heartbroken because of this. So, she flew all the way to Alola, and secretly watched Ash do his adventure. Serena may not know this, but Ash Ketchum is starting to know that she is stalking him and that He should tell her to get some help. She tried to go to a therapist, but she killed them as well. Ash might head to the UnUnited Kingdom soon, so Serena is preparing to follow him here.

Serena decided to date T-rex and also bellybopped Fatslob and Blue the velociraptor, the latter two disliking Serena for this, T-rex is now starting to hate Serena, but still loves her. Serena is a MANIAC for T-rex however. After Ash was captured and then Asploded, she got very depressed. However, she found another guy to love named Calem. He too was a Pokemon (Known as Frogadier back then) and is just as crazy as Serena. The two were like Bread and Butter, and they love terrorizing places like Pickle Land and the Fish Union. There reign of terror was finally ended by enraged Capricorn, the satanic god of tubbian evil who was sleeping under the sea at the time after being waken up, he ate the two Pokemon and then vomited them into a volcano.


Serena is a Yandere who stalks Ash and will kill anyone who gets in her way. She may be shy at times, but she is very rude and is incapable of stopping things she wants to do. She cares 'deeply' (correction: NOT AT ALL) for her Three Pokemon (Noodle Dog, Furry Witch, and Sunglass Panda), but of course, nothing is CLOSE to her Caring, Loving, or Interested in Ash. When the V E R Y Rare times occur when Serena is nice, she is usually Kind, Polite, and overall Rebellious. Serena is also very Slippery, and is Considered Immortal by others since she knows how to Cheat Death and Avoid Danger.

Gallery and Trivia Shit


  • Serena has set 42 forests ablazed before.
  • Serena has Killed all of the Anime Pokegirls, Execpt for May and Lillie.
  • Apparently Serena [REDACTED BY Sentinel Prime] Lythronax sometime after eating Brock's insides.
  • Serena now likes Tyrannosaurus rex since Ash would keep rejecting her. Serena and T-rex secretly had a baby called Rexicus but Rexicus is now a cheesymeat connoisseur T-rex who kills people and calls Lythronax a "fucking bitchhole".
  • She can also clone herself, as Tierboskat killed 10 of her clones with 1 cybernetic sword arm attack.
  • Serena is a furry, but T-rex doesn't know that.
  • Serena's nationality is actually Ukrainian, as her name is a feminized and shortened version of the name "Stepan Bandera"
  • Serena is in love with Calem, so she is cheating on T-Rex.
  • She is possibly one of the most powerful non-undefeatable's in the UnUniverse due to the fact it took a zodiac to finally kill her.