"Whats your problem?"


"I AM SOPANISH!!!!" - Spanish version

"I think Bowser has a teddy" - evilest Batman version

Mexican version
Second incarnation old
Evilest batman

Senior Second incarnaion (Sometimes Senor Second incarnation) is either an old version of The Spanish Second Incarnation. When he is taunted he threatens to eat your shoes and rip off their souls (Yes he means soul). If he finds you, you had betterr hope you are either Ducky, or have a death wish.


The Second Incarnation is confirmed to oppose Ducky, at least when he is spanish, or just eat tacos in his spare time. Commonly when threatened he offers the opponent a burito before unleashing the Cactus of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!! When asked about the cactus he tells them it has so much DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!! Some confusion is cause when his old persona shows as he calls ducky his son, and encourages him to conquer Twilight town. There is also a third verson of this incarnation called the evilest batman ever. in this form he talks about everyones little secrets, even ducky. He tells everyone about how Ducky opposes the Evil Snowmen, yet has never seen one in his life. For this, Ducky had him thrown into the German Prison, but he was released when he reverted to his old man version.

Weapons and abilities

Senior Second Incarnation has a multitude of abilities and weapons at his disposal, these incluse:P

  • Becoming old (used to escape german prison)
  • Becoming Mexican (Used to wield cactus weapons)
  • Become a Troll (Used to be evilest batman)
  • Beating Cactus (Used in Super Spaniard 64)
  • Desert Cactus (Second Weapon in Super Spaniard 64)
  • Cactus of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!! (Primary Weapon)
  • Eating Shoes (He usually just mistakes them for tacos)
  • Taco Grenade (A taco that makes anyone hitt by it only think about tacos for 24 hours)
  • Mega Fart (After eating a burito he uses this to fly, or perform a fus ro dah)
  • AK-40CACTUS (Shoots cactus needles)
  • Invincibility (The old man version has this, and constanly asks to have a foot rub)
  • Rivalry with Ducky (He knows how to trick him into killing anyone of his choice)
  • Cactus of Sparta (Cactus spear)
  • MasaTaco (An adaption of sephiroths masamune)
  • Become a Khajit (Used to confuse Anti-Ducky)
  • Summon bigger fish (He summons a bigger gun... always)
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