Seismo no like you.

Gender: Man
Hair color: Me have horns.
Eye color: Me eye color black.
Species: Me Cragster Mixel.
Home: Me live in mine.
Death: Me never die.
AKA: Greatest Dig-Dig
Likes: Me like Coconapple!
Dislikes: You
Education: Me learn dig-dig.
Occupation: Dig-digging
Known For: No liking you.
UnRank: 9009
Promotion: Me get promotion for being greatest dig-dig!

Seismo Cragster Mixel. Me greatest dig-dig, and you worst dig-dig. What pity!

What me do in me life

First live

Me born as rock baby. Me get dig-digged by Krader and me turn to walk-walk rock baby. Me was live at mine nursery where me wear hug-hugs. Me no live long in nursery because me dig-dig out and find Cragsters and get spank-spanked by Krader's big-big arm. This happen big time. Me hate first live.

Play Minecraft

Me turn old man enough to game. Me play Minecraft because have mine in name. Me hit tree with foot but no hit because no mods. So me hurt hand by punch tree and get lots of wood from tree. But tree big so take time to night. Me make house get blow up by Creeper and me no have house. Me look for place for live but me get hurt my mean guys. Me see ravine and me think that it so dark so no mean guy see me so me jump in, but me get hurt by stone cold. Me see skeleton who see me but it so dark but he get see which me think is no fair. Skeleton shoot arrow at my south and he say "FEEL IT SUCKA" and me scream and me run around and jump in ravine bottom and no see again. But me relive but me give up and hit me face with sheep.

Meet Zorch

Me jump for Coconapple but Zorch come and troll me. Zorch take me to hell but Mario save me and do Mario and Zorch die.

Me still need finish.

Stuff Some People Not Know

  • Me greatest dig-dig.
  • Me no like you.
  • Me like Coconapples.
  • Me like Minecraft.
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