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Second Pickle War
Second Pickle War.png

January 1, 1736


December 31, 1737

  • Exclusive Pickle Act
Major battles
  • Battle of Pickleville
  • Pickle Invasions
  • Pickle Land Burnings
  • Battle of Pickle City

Pickle Land

Pickle Land Rebels


Theodore Pickleson

  • Leaders of UnBritain
  • Leaders of Canada
  • Pac-Man


The Second Pickle War was a war fought in Pickle Land between the pickles and various anti-pickle activists. It was fought over the rights of pickles, and whether or not it is okay to actually eat them. The conflict led through 1736 and 1737.

Leading Up to the War

When the First Pickle War ended, humans were banished from Pickle Land, and it was considered safe for pickles. But, it turned out, this only protected pickles from humans. It did not protect them from anything or anyone else. Also, it only protected them while they were in the boundaries of Pickle Land. Pickle killings were common in other parts of the world.



Theodore Pickleson declared war on UnBritain, Canada, and Pac-Land for a series of mass pickle consumptions. It then deployed pickles into these nations, but they got eaten, further fueling the coming war. Meanwhile, pickles were deployed within the boundaries of Pickle Land to track residents that are not human or pickle.

Battle of Pickleville

Pickleville was attacked by an army of rebels on January 18, 1736. The pickle home defense team moved in, but were easily shoved aside. Pickleville was burned down entirely before two Pickle Monsters could stop the attack.

Foreign Attacks

Pickles attacking foreign countries failed, and had to retreat back to Pickle Land. The foreign soldiers followed, and Pickle Land faced attacks across the country. Not even ten Pickle Monsters could entirely solve the problem. Pickle Land was destroyed.

Retreat and Reclaim

Theodore Pickleson and his last loyal pickle citizens retreated to Pickle City as all armies moved in here. With quick thinking, he turned the foolish armies against each other, and the Pac-People started eating the humans, and the armies had to leave Pickle Land. Pickle Land was reclaimed, and Theodore Pickleson has control again.


Theodore Pickleson successfully negotiated with UnBritain and Canada, and they became allies (sort of). Pac-Land and Pickle Land remained enemies, but neither launched any attacks on the other for fear of getting eaten or smashed. Pickleson also executed the Exclusive Pickle Act, banishing all non-humans. This act was repealed three years later, however, after Vlasic threatened Pickleson's life.