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The 2nd Dimension is a strange place that almost nobody can reach or even see.

An artist's rendering of the 2nd Dimension.

Everything is flat in this dimension, and looks like a drawing from the front. From the side, however, nothing is visible because it is simply not thick enough to be seen with the naked eye.


The 2nd Dimension, like all the other dimensions, was created by the Undefeatables. While it was being made, everybody described the appearance of each dimension to one another to find out what their dimensions were going to look like. However, since the Undefeatable known as Cyber-Dee has no mouth and cannot talk, he drew a picture of a nice, tropical island instead. When Chuck Norris began to create all the dimensions, he examined the picture a bit too literally and created a dimension that was flat and only visible from one side, like a drawing. The Undefeatables have not spoken of this since, and have abandoned it almost entirely.

How to Reach the 2nd Dimension

  • Draw a picture of yourself. Meditate and become one with the picture. Soon, you will be the drawing itself.
  • Hire a guy with a steamroller, lie down, and relax. You should arrive shortly.
  • Use Super Thin.
  • Run at Sanic speed; this should eventually cause you to create enough friction to warp across dimensions
  • Enter through a Universal Wound

People and Things From the 2nd Dimension

At the request of the Undefeatables, this dimension has been evacuated and is currently empty. Here is what it used to contain:

  • Various shames: Rendered obsolete with the invention of 3D.
  • Weakling King: Moved out and started his own kingdom. Currently rules over everything that is weak.
  • Weegee: Mysteriously appeared in the UnUniverse and has been terrorizing it since.
  • 2nd Dimension counterparts of Phineas and Ferb characters: Promoted to an alternate timeline.
  • Mr. Game and Watch: He took control of this place using his trusty hammer, then got bored and pushed them all out. In the final fight against collapsing continuity, he went missing for about 2 weeks. He was later found, along with Flight 370, in space.
  • Gorillaz: Always had 2D.