Cquote1 You see, I am one hell of a butler. Cquote2
Sebby, acting egotistic as usual


Sebby Sebby everywhere

He says he's "one hell of a butler", but he's really one hell of a big nerd!

Gender: male
Hair color: black
Eye color: red
Species: demon
Home: Ciel's mansion or whatever
AKA: Sebastian Michaelis
Likes: being one hell of a butler
Dislikes: not being one hell of a butler
Education: I dunno
Occupation: noob/butler
Known For: refusing to eat Ciel's soul, being one hell of a big nerd
UnRank: -1,000,000
Promotion: he doesn't deserve one XD

Background Info

He's a handsome demon butler who signed a contract to serve young Ciel Phantomhive, but he can act rather annoying at certain points.

Role in the Great Zambie Apocalypse

One day, he was minding his own business when suddenly, America came out of nowhere and ate Ciel's brains, thus turning him into a zambie just like him. Sebby was bothered by this, so he ran like hell and hid inside a tomato carton. He's also one hell of a coward.

Another Annoying Butler



After Nerdy Nerdicus met Dr. Robotnik, the two decided to clone Sebby. After the clone was successfully made, Nerdy threw the clone into the robotizer and turned him into a demon robot. However, the robot (AKA "Sebbot") was very stupid and all he could say was "IMA ONE HELLA ROBOTIC BOOT-LER!" Sebby got annoyed, so he sent him to Sparta along with the other zambies and Ciel. The robot then got bitten by zambie Ciel and became a zambie/demon/robot.


He no longer is a butler for Ciel, but now, he serves NEDMgee. Oh, he's also a crazy catman.


  • Did I mention that this guy is a crazy catman?
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