Seaman Cover

What's that on the sign?

Seaman creature

A "seaman" that appears in the shame.

Seaman is a Shame made by Yutaka "Yoot" Saito in 1982. They say the "Seamen" (Sounds dirty) existed a long time ago in Egypt and were the reincarnation of a pharaoh's son who fell in love with a female fish, but really none of that is actually accurate.


Yoot Saito went ahead and flew to Egypt to find ideas for a new video shame involving life, but then he looked at a skeleton of a fish and himself, he thought "Why not?". He hired Leonard Nimoy (Spock) to voice the narrator and threatened "I'LL SPANK YOU IN THE @$$" if he didn't want to.

He was originally going to add Teletubby faces and other things that were related to Teletubbies like the windmill, their hill home, Noo-Noo and have it be like Teletubbies except underwater, though the "original idea" was ultimately cancelled and created this creepier thing instead.


There's no real plot to the shame, though the Seamen do want to ask info about you, your birthday, your mother's birthday, your father's birthday, your religion, your type of politics, your type of sport, your nationality, etc. All they want is to know personal info about you.


Seaman for Dreamcast - Angry Video Game Nerd

Seaman for Dreamcast - Angry Video Game Nerd

An explanation on Seaman.

Not many is done except first putting an egg in the water, which does multiply into six. Then the squid (An actual squid) comes out of the snail shell and farts a ton of "seamen" out of him. The Dreamcast microphone isn't just for decoration, it's how you talk to the "seamen", that's right, the game requires talking to them. The seamen evolve slowly over time, and the older they get, the moodier they feel. Then two seamen mate via the tube on their heads (Inappropriate for a kid's shame) and oddly enough, they felt the need to announce it, though one of them is 100% female yet has a male voice instead, which is illogical, but what is even less logical is that the male mater dies after mating the female seaman. Also you can't cheat with the clock in the shame because the shame knows when you're trying to go back to the past or towards the future.

Naming controversy

The seamen get their name from "sea" and "man" (Literally a human fish or a fish with a man's face), but it is confused with the vulgar term "s***n".

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