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" !ereh resnepsid a deeN "
  —Scunt begging the Vagineer for a dispenser.

Scunt, he talks just like the Vagineer.
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: I don't think he has eyes even.....
Species: Scout-look-alike with DNA of the Vagineer
Home: 2fort, TF2
Death: NA
AKA: tnucS
Likes: Vagineer
Dislikes: Being denied dispensers
Education: NA
Occupation: NA
Known For: Being weird.... I guess....
UnRank: 0
Promotion: Yes

Scunt is a being with the DNA of a Scout look-alike and the Vagineer (Who created him). Though sometimes he and Vagineer don't get along.

He originated in 2010, and still alive as of 5016.

What he does

Like the Vagineer, he is an awful person (I guess, why wouldn't he?) who makes creepy sounds that resembles talking backwards.

He shoots everybody with a little pistol. He also tears people into pieces. When they're in pieces, he eats their body parts, much like the Vagineer and Painis Cupcake.

He was a member of the Vagineer Empire before it dissolved, but after it dissolved, he followed the Vagineer to Googolplex's empire, the Satanist Empire. He joined it along with the Vagineer.

Eventually, though, he became good.


  • He has one, egg-shelled brain cell.
  • He uses echolocation.
  • He is a brony.
  • He can turn his arm into a Force-a-Nature.


A very typical encounter with the Scunt.