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Scratch and Grounder

Scratch and Grounder.

Scratch (not to be confused with the scratch cat, as that would be insulting) is the leader of S.S.S.S.S.S. and a minion of Dr. Robotnik. He is a robot and he looks like a tall rooster. He has a sub-brother named Grounder.

Scratch was created in 1942 by Robotnik Sr., and locked in a storage unit for several decades. After Robotnik Sr. went senile, Dr. Robotnik discovered Scratch, and started barking orders. Scratch scratched him, and agreed.

Scratch was commanded to destroy Sonic at least 4,000 times, but he always fails. However, he is epic anyway, but only in a funny way (of creating lulz).

One day he stole one Promotion with Grounder and gave it to himself.


Dr.Robotnik hates that hedgehog Sonic, so he built a robot chicken named Scratch to do everything for him. After many failures, he was sent into an arena to fight Dr. Wily and his robots. Being a major idiotus stupidenchus, he and Grounder were kiled by Sheep Man. Yep. Stupid ass muthafuckin' Sheep Man, a herding robot that dies to a rubber baseball. A new name was given to him, Idiotus Stupidhenchus M, which means idiotic stupid henchman in mole latin. Scratch was then murdered by the Colonel himself so that Yoshi could buy a meal and turn into a chicken himself. Scratch has 6.22 x 10^23 stupid cells and a speck of pterodactyl DNA, so that's why people refuse to eat Chicken Littles. 200X years after Wily fought Robotnik, the founder of the Hungry Gays, Father Cornelius Honenheim Snow Winry, or Snow, fused the DNA of Scratch and Grounder to make Mockingjays that would lure out the Patient 0 Katniss Everdeen into using symbols of freedom for the root of all evil, Bully Bill. Bully Bill, a descendant of the infamous Alma Coin, decided to take revenge and release a video that serves nompurpose but to turn people into gloating servants so that Robotnik, the creator of Scratch and Grounder, would have Robotnikland. Robotnik was revived by Bully Bill, but he used this opportunity to kill him and revert the Mockingjays into Scratches and Grounders. The world has run amock with dumbfounded robot chickens and moles and is trapped in a giant carnival of death, and with a PROMOTION, Robotnik built walls around Las Vegas. They didn't last long because Sonic was being an arrogant deus ex machina, so he defeated Robotnik and ended the days of a megalomaniac society called Panem. And this all started when Scratch hit puberty. No seriously. This was the true Patient 0 that sparked a shameful series of books and long, uber-realistic cartoons that speak out to old, politically inclined Hollywood staff. Or this, but either way, Scartch was made the Patient 0 by many factors. He was nothing but an experiment to an ignorant society that saw animals and robots as nothing more but tools. He is now indirectly one of the most evil dudes out there. But it is debatable because Bowser made games that would eventually lead to Earth's destruction, such as Avengeleon, Squidward On Strike, and Combat Stripper: 50 Shades of Red. Who knew video games were THAT evil? BA HA HA HAAAAAAAAA!

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