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Scotland is a country inside another country, the UnUnited Kingdom. It has been this way since 1707, when it was unified with England. Anne was the queen of England and Scotland when this happened, so it's equally as valid to say that Scotland took over England as it is to say that England took over Scotland.

It was founded in the past when some descendants of Scota found a Pict grooving in a cave with several species of small furry animals.

Today, a large minority of Scots want Scotland to ununite from the UK. But little do they ken the true threat lied ower an ocean (an probably an aa a bit o land) away: An UnAmerican bairn cried AmaryllisGardener. While thay wer debatin unthirldom, he wis committin cultural genocide against them.

Also, it is a democracy, the last king having died in 2003.


Scotland's main export is sheep and pipe bombs. Beer is widely produced, but not much of it makes it out of the country.

Domestically, men who have fathered children exchange a certain brand of cosmetics for currency.

Other facts about Scottish people

  • The country is a democracy, meaning the Demoman is given supreme and absolute power.
  • Most Scots speak a mixture of Scots and English. Because of this, outsiders think that they just speak a dialect of English.
  • About 0.00002% of them are actually mythological water dragons.
  • They know more bad words than you.
  • Scots have foreheads.