A scimitar forged in the country of Skyrim, one of the few non Middle Eastern countries to use scimitars

A Scimitar is this weird curved sword like weapon from da Middle East. Many people were able to conquer other simpleton countries with this sharp banana. We do not know if any country still uses them, but there are, I know we just contradicted ourselves, but who cares we do whatever we want! Oh, and document the UnOmniverse, that too!

Hissss-tory, haha get it? I'll show myself out

Lotsa people do not know where this curvy blade came from, but it was the Middle East that is true. According to famed scientist Albert Einstein (even though he should be doing his quick mathz) they were made when SpongeBob SquarePants went to India for materials to make more weapons to kill Squidward Tentacles and kickstart his Squidward's Suicide Creepypasta he did not make, so he forged some ovject but mistakenly thought it was a metal banana, which is some serious stupidity, but awell, if Fimbo could mistaken Ribble for a Crumble Cracker and teddy anything can happen.

Soon, someone from India found out about this and spreaded the news, soon, scimitars became very popular and good.

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