Saxophone is the 21st episode of season 3 of The New Teletubbies Show From 2015, and the 126th episode overall. It is about all four Teletubbies fighting over a saxophone.

The title card.


The four Teletubbies are in the Empty Room of the Home Dome, watching the Epic Sax Guy on Laa Laa's tummy TV, they wish that they had a saxophone, so Dipsy suggests a raid on a music store, but then they see a saxophone duck taped to the ceiling, with a note next to it that says:

Cquote1 This saxophone is in loving memory of the old Talking Flowers. Cquote2
Elmo The fourth Weldo

But halfway through reading it they throw it onto the ground and imagine fantasies of them being stars, just enough time for Alt 2.0 to steal the saxophone, so the Teletubbies chase her.

During the chase, Dipsy pulls out his suction cup gun, and shoots it at Alt 2.0, flinging her back into the Baby Sun, incinerating her, Tinky-Winky then grabs the saxophone, only for Po to shoot a laser at him using her Fruit Loop of Doom! Po then takes the saxophone and runs into the Teletubby Land Volcano, the most obscure place in Teletubby Land, but Laa Laa had the guts to follow her, but she is burnt by a geyser of lava, she falls onto Po, and Po uses her Fruit Loop of Doom to shoot a large gust of wind into the saxophone, the gust is shot out of the other end and causes Laa Laa to sky rocket straight out of the volcano, Po then tries to find a place where she can be alone, and ends up in The Devil's lair, she is killed, and Dipsy gets the saxophone and runs out of the volcano and into a rabbit hole.

On the inside, he discovers how big the place is, only for the rest of the Teletubbies to slide in, they start beating each other to a pulp, Doddy then sees the saxophone and steals it, going completely unnoticed, one minute later, they do notice and chase him, Tinky Winky confronts Doddy, and gets out a gun, but a spring powered boxing glove comes out and punches the saxophone into the Teletubby Land Acid Lake, he is then beaten to a pulp, it then pans out to Thumper, he then says, "Thats all folks!" and is then crushed by the burning debris of Alt 2.0 which the episode irises out of.


Children liked the episode, because it was Teletubbies episode, it also caused the sales of saxophones to sky rocket everywhere, and parents liked how it wasn't as violent as other episodes, but still hated it.

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