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The Flag of the Satanist Empire.

The (former) Flag Map of the Satanist Empire, you all know where it is located exactly, in Antarctica.

The Satanist Empire is one of the four countries settled in Antarctica also doubling as not only a country, but also an organization. It is a dictatorship run by Satanists who worship the devil instead of God.

Settlements in the icy continent were made in the 19th century by The Mysterious Man and his minions in order to honor the mighty Bob Saget. Originally, the Satanist Empire was an on-ground settlement that was reminiscent of Jonestown. As the population grew though, settlements were made in Antarctica to meet expectations of a population of 5,000+ Satanists. The Mysterious decided to have "Satanism" be its primary religion, because this is A CULT OF SATAN, DUH!!. The capital of the Satanist Empire is "Sagetopolis" (AKA "Satantopolis"), which is of course named after Bob Saget.

Evil Captain 0 currently rules the Empire, because he was the co emperor of the Satanist Empire before The Mysterious Man retired.


The history of the Satanist Empire is rich with stories and characters. It is one of the oldest countries ever, having been created in 1854. The Empire was created by The Mysterious Man after he figured other Satanic groups were too small and too close. This will also document the population during the end of the respective reigns.

Early Stages (1854-1859)

When the Empire was new, this mysterious man (named The Mysterious Man) actually hired people to actually be part of the Empire. Word spread, and Bob Saget (Satan himself) endorsed the Empire. He even said it was Hell on Earth (the Satanist Empire is soo Satanic, it's literally Hell On Earth!!)! Even Hannibal Lecter invested (and still invests) in the Empire! By comparison, the population was growing slow because boats were not that good, but in the first 5 years of existing it reached a population just under a thousand.

Population by 1859: approx. 999

Moving to Underground (1859-1879)

1859 was the year the satanist would start to move below the surface into the hellish catacombs to get closer to hell; so cities like Sagetopolis were created. The reason for this moving could also be contributed to the increasing desire to not be cold. It was growing so much, that by 1863 AD, that they were thinking of kicking out The Mysterious Man. Ads were put up (although they were secret), and newcomers who worshipped Satan were filling the new underground cities. The population in this period was growing at a reasonable pace.

This was also the time that Evil Captain 0, Hannibal Lecter, Bob Saget and Booba joined the empire. In fact, Evil Captain 0 actually had to rise up the ranks while being a simple battalion pilot. Due to him being very good at attacking planes, he was fit to rise the ranks of the Satanic aristocrats.

Population by 1869: approx. 35,565

Death of The Mysterious Man and Luigi's reign (1879 - 1893)

The Mysterious Man died 25 years after inventing the empire because of old age. He lived a long and fulfilling live and had no regrets when dying. And so everyone mourned for 2 months, and instated by the moral board was a new emperor. They needed a chosen one, so Luigi was now the new boss. Luigi was too big with spending, and so he built a castle that would be the home of him; basically like any European country.

Population by 1893: approx. 40,000

Luigi's Death and The Chosen One's reign (1893 - 1948)

Luigi's reign ended in 1893 AD, after he was roundhouse kicked out of the space-time fabric by both scientists and satanists for various political reasons. AKA he was the pope; because Luigi was the pope. Desperate for an emperor to rule, they instated The Chosen One as the true chosen one. He is famous for being so infamously mad that even the castle could not contain his growing anger. Because of this, he was excused from the castle and was permitted to live in his own home. His reign ended when he decided he was tired of ruling in 1948 AD

Population by 1948: approx. 120,000

The Six Year Anarchy

After The Chosen One resigned in 1948 AD, no one could find a replacement for him; thus creating a 6 year anarchy. No one in the Satanist Empire remembers this, because nobody cared that there was no emperor anyways (since Satanists are also anarchists). However, what was thought as a minor inconvenience for Satanists turned out to be really heart wrenching for those living in the Empire at the time. "Why?" you might task. Well, this is because without an emperor, no one knew what to do without one who would order everyone to do stuff. This caused havoc for everyone, destroying houses and almost collapsing the Empire itself.

Resurrection of The Mysterious Man

However, in 1954 AD, 4 Satanists revived The Mysterious Man, who had been dead for lotsa years at this point. He even received an upgrade to be more fortified and stronger than his original form! He announced he would take over The Satanist Empire, starting off by brutally eating pie. Everyone rejoiced, for their first king had been revived and made stronger via a body transplant.

And so The Mysterious Man ruled nobly for 33 years until 1987 AD, when he decided he was tired of ruling and gave leadership to his faithful friend and co emperor, Evil Captain 0.

Population by 1987: 200,000!

Population by 2021: 300,000!

What's Going On Right Now?

Well, there was a government siege in '08, but that is long gone. Currently, Evil Captain 0 (former co emperor) is ruling the Empire as we speak. He currently has a war plan to invade part of America (particularly the racist part) and make it formally an on-ground settlements for brave Satanists who are loud n' proud. Evil Captain 0 also made more fortified entrances, a bigger wall, more guards, and it even has its own Passport System!!

In the future

Idk know whayt happens!

List of Demi-Important Members

  1. The Mysterious Man (The founder. Deceased, but later revived, and retired) (1st and 4rth emperor)
  2. Luigi
  3. The Chosen One (Also known as The Second Coming)
  4. Evil Captain 0 (Emperor)
  5. 1234567890
  6. Dr. Quack
  7. Hannibal Lecter (2nd in command) (co-emperor)
  8. Booba
  9. Mao Zedong (He was communist, but The Mysterious Man revived him as a Satanist. The Mysterious Man did that in response to China becoming a democracy)
  10. Spencer
  11. Garchomp
  12. Pikachu
  13. Human Sentry Buster
  14. Flandre Scarlet
  15. Benito Mussolini (Was a fascist, though The Mysterious Man revived him as a Satanist, he did so to bring genocide back on the Mushroom Kingdom)
  16. Idi Amin
  17. Herobrine
  18. Scanty
  19. Kneesocks
  20. Chin-Chin
  21. Tsunami
  22. Fireman Sam
  23. Kevin
  24. Minions
  25. Pepsiman

† - God convinced them not to be Satanists anymore and so they left.
✞ - It was discovered they were the pope and then got kicked out for being the pope, and got erased from all of everything relating to the Satanist Empire, except this page and this page only.

List of Emperors (Chronologically)

  1. The Mysterious Man (1854 - 1879)
  2. Luigi (1879 - 1893)
  3. The Chosen One (1893 - 1948)
  4. The Mysterious Man (again) (1954-1987) (First one to repeat his position as well to instate a new co-emperor; Evil Captain 0.)
  5. Evil Captain 0 (current; former co-emperor)

Note: Hannibal Lecter also co-rules the Empire.

The Brief Government Siege

One day, in 5008 AD, Evil Captain 0 and his trustworthy friend Hannibal Lecter and Booba were hanging round' Sagetopolis, drinking the blood of the dead and celebrating the anniversary of his instatement. Suddenly, a march could be heard, even 500 miles away. What was it? It was the government! Someone loyal to the U.S government had gave the location of the Satanist Empire away (Or what they thought..).

It turns out the the government used advanced radar tech to track them!! Someone had the foolish idea of going out of the underground and walk around Antarctica. The U.S government got a secret message saying that a Satanist Empire member was in Antarctica, and put a tracking device on him. They soon found the entrance and started marching troops there.

Hannibal quickly rushed Evil Captain 0 and Booba to a secret exit where they watched their whole empire being sieged by the U.S government. The siege and annexation of the Satanist Empire lasted for around 3 days, then the Satanists rebelled and got their spears and attacked the soldiers. And as Hannibal and Evil Captain 0 watched on, proud of their loyal subjects, they joined in too. Scared of fire spears and soul tanks, the government retreated and the Satanists rebuilt their now ruined Empire.

The sieges theme song

After this siege, they had fortified their walls and put many more guards around the walls. The government vows to invade again, this time saying it will happen in 2 years. Let's just hope that never happens!

Major Cities