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The Flag of the Satanist Empire.

The Satanist Empire is one of the four countries settled in Antarctica also doubling as not only a country, but also an organization. It is a dictatorship run by Satanists who worship the devil instead of God.

The (former) Flag Map of the Satanist Empire, you all know where it is located exactly, in Antarctica. Though this was after they conquered two other countries that claimed the rest of Antarctica that time. This was until Pepsiman struck and took over the western half of Antartica; turning it into the Pepsi Republic.

Settlements in the icy continent were made in 2008 by Basement Cat and his minions of 1234567890, Ninja Spy, Pedobear, This is Bob, and others in order to honor the mighty Bob Saget. Basement Cat decided to have "Satanism" be its primary religion. The Capital of the Satanist Empire is "Satan City", AKA "Saget City" (Named after Bob Saget in order to honor him).

Its western half was invaded by Pepsiman and his fellow Pepsi lovers in the year 2020, and they turned it into the Pepsi Republic because this is a christian wikia.

List of Notable Members (Chronologically)

  1. The Googolplex (The founder)(Deceased, but later revived)
  2. 1234567890
  3. Shockwave
  4. Randall Boggs
  5. Ninja Spy
  6. Ass Pancakes
  7. Piss Cakehole
  8. Vagineer
  9. Pedobear
  10. Pearl Krabs
  11. Starscream
  12. Demopan
  13. Meta Knight
  14. Mao Zedong (He was communist, but Googolplex revived him as a Satanist. Googolplex did that in response to China becoming a democracy)
  15. Captain 10
  16. Spencer
  17. Pikachu
  18. Heavy
  19. Scunt
  20. Pencil
  21. Match
  22. Gengar
  23. Human Sentry Buster
  24. Nightmare Medic
  25. Flandre Scarlet
  26. Jeff the Killer
  27. Spyper
  28. Major Crits
  29. Benito Mussolini (Was a fascist, though Googolplex revived him as a Satanist, he did so to bring genocide back on the Mushroom Kingdom)
  30. Idi Amin
  31. The Chosen One (Also known as The Second Coming)
  32. Creepy Mask Man
  33. Christian Brutal Sniper
  34. Fries
  35. Herobrine
  36. Scanty
  37. Kneesocks
  38. Grand Dad
  39. Gamzee Makara (Was suspended due to being psychotic to the point nobody could stand him)
  40. Discord
  41. Chin-Chin
  42. Tsunami
  43. Mays Billy
  44. Luigi
  45. Coca-Cola Bear
  46. Pepsiman

† - God convinced them not to be satanists anymore and so they left.
✞ - It was discovered they were the pope and then got kicked out for being the pope, and got erased from all of everything relating to the Satanist Empire, except this page and this page only.

List of emperors (Chronologically)

  1. Basement Cat (2008 - 2012)
  2. Barack Obama (1/1/2012 - 1/4/2012 (Accidentally ran (and won) for emperor when trying to become president)
  3. 1/4/2012
  4. Luigi (1/4/2012 - ???)
  5. Barack Obama (???)
  6. The Chosen One (2016-2020)
  7. The the Satanist Empire died and now Pepsiman controls everything

Major Cities

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