Saruman the White
Guitar Saruman

Saruman rockin' out

Gender: Male
Hair color: White
Eye color: Blue
Species: Wizard Human Guy Thing
Home: Isengard
Death: Stabbed in the back by Grima Wormtounge
AKA: Saruman the Wise, The White Wizard, Curumo, Man of Skill, The White Messenger
Likes: Being smart
Dislikes: Idiots
Education: Everything
Occupation: Leader of the wizards of Middle Earth, Head of The White Council
Known For: Being
UnRank: 26385892

Saruman the White is the leader of all the wizards of Middle Earth. He is the smartest person in the entire of Middle Earth, so everybody seems super dumb to him. Quite often, this is also because they are dumb.


Saruman was born in Isengard, and grew up stuying. Because of this, he became super smart, and when he reached 30, became a tutor to Gandalf. Eventually, he became the white wizard who leads all the other wizards, and was declared the most powerful wizard ever. But even though he was now ruler of wizards, Saruman still couldn't get rid of that moron Gandalf, or his even stupider friend, Radagast. This was some thing he would nobody would ever manage, but Gandalf and Radagast got smarter.

Saruman would study more, and would also witness Gandalf going on crazy adventures, such as confronting The Necromancer of Dol Guldur, and going to kill a massive dragon called Smaug. Though Saruman would sometimes play a minor part in these adventures, the adventure he would be bigger in would be the biggest adventre of all.

The Lord Of The Rings

When the One Ring's true power was unlocked, the forces of Mordor decided to reband and try again to take over Middle Earth. One of their earlier actions was to conquer Isengard with an army of 10,000 Super Orcs called Uruk-Hai. The wizards were surrounded and outnumbered, and had to abandon Isengard, leaving it protected by magic.


-He may be the same person as Count Dooku.

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