Santa Mclaren was formerly mistaken for a city in B**** Residence, UnAmerica but now an actual city in UnCalifornia, UnAmerica. It houses those who are incredibly stupendous. Its basic design is supposed to assist those who are stupendous, and it is run by those who are especially stupendous.

Santa Mclaren Edge 3

A photograph of Edge 3.


Santa Mclaren was once called Stupid Town. It was founded in 1839 by Rudolph Hitler, a mix of unpopular politicians, unsuccessful scientists, pirates, and that one C*** that paid the goverment for not installing schools in Stupid City. They created the city to be a home for those who have nowhere else to go, and those whose are lost. They made a decent civilization, except for one problem. They forgot to make schools.

Eventually, the average IQ of the residents of Stupid Town was 18, and they renamed the place Santa Mclaren: "The Wierdest City Like Apple Valley Ever". The government tried to put schools in place, but the Construction Workers in town bulldozed them by mistake. The government got fed up and bombed the city which pushed them out of town and put them in a torture chamber claimed by them untill one of them said "Shut up US goverment!". The government gave up, and donated ten millions dollars and one thousand workers to help the city work with stupendous people. Then suddenly they patched up the chaos and put in some schools where they bombed the town.

Santa Mclaren is now one of the most famous cities in the world, with a very large population to match it. It is Kid-friendly, and the hot-spot for all P***Stars of the world.


Everyone is nice here and there is 85 schools including 5 schools on edge 3. Like I said, Edge 3's amount of schools is similar to UnApple UnValley and they Got Cars in Mid 1919 and trucks in the mid 1970s.

Like i said, The Government bombed the city because of the "stupid" construction workers.


Anyone learns anything here. Like i said, the schools were destroyed by Construction workers. Then They were rebuilt. The early school buses were poorly designed, dangerous to operate, difficult to start, and caused the kids inside to feel itchy when they reach their destination. Later, the city installed better school buses.


Even though Santa Mclaren has one of the most stupendous innhabitants in the world, the thieves are some of the scariest and meanest. They forced the government to not build schools which caused them to be fed up and bomb the city. They also caused video shame prices to go up.

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