Not to be confused with Ness or Patrick Star



Gender: Male
Eye color: Black and White
Species: Skeleton
Home: Snowdin
AKA: Comic Sans
Likes: Telling good jokes;


Dislikes: Telling bad jokes.
Education: F-, because he writes EVERYTHING in comic sans, But also sometimes S, because he is smart.
UnRank: 1337

Sans is a skeleton that speaks in Comic Sans MS, and tells "funny jokes". His jokes aren't even all that funny, because they can never be taken seriously because of his tendency to actually speak in Comic Sans. We don't even know how he speaks in a font. Neither he nor his brother Papyrus will reveal to us how they do so.

He also likes to kill naughty children and he also appeared on WordWorld in the Bad Dreemurrs episode.


  • He copied his theme from HomeStuck (Especially when looking at Vriska Serket). YOU COPIER!
    • The above was also copied from EarthBound. YOU COPY COPIER! (Especially when looking at Ness)
  • His song was created by Toby Fox.\
  • Is ness and Patrick
  • his voice is Patrick
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