Not to be confused with Ness or Patrick Star


Sans playing trombone.

Gender: Male
Eye color: Usually blue, but while using telekinesis, his left eye flashes blue and yellow.
Species: Skeleton
Home: Snowdin
Likes: Telling good jokes; having a better fandom.
Dislikes: Telling bad jokes, FANGIRLS.
Education: Le Undertale University
Powers: Summoning bones and gaster blasters; telekinesis; can kill people by making bad puns.
UnRank: 1337

Sans is a skeleton that speaks in the font Comic Sans MS, and makes bad puns, which he can weaponize. Even when he makes a good joke, it often isn't even all that funny, because they he speaks in such an annoying font. He and his brother refuse to tell how they even speak in such a font, though.

He also has a bad habit of killing genocidal children.


Sans moved to Snowdin with his brother, Papyrus. No one knows their original town. He and his brother escaped the Underground with all of the other monsters, and lived on the surface.

After annoying a genocidal child to death with bad puns and saving the monsters, The Annoying Dog decided to make him and his brother the guardians of PUNishment, which is basically deciding what happens to jerks.

Sans has been known to slack off during wars, such as during The Teletubby War, however, he did fight in World War III, and T-Posed on hundreds of Nazis.


Sans is know to have many abilities, so here is a list of them:

  • Teleportaion
  • Telekinesis
  • Giving a bad time, aka engaging in a fight
  • Deadly puns
  • Summoning bones
  • Summoning Gaster Blasters, which are kind of like huge laser guns.
  • T posing


There are known to be many, many, many, many, many artificial copies of Sans, created by Fangirls when they realized that Sans didn't want to marry them.

It is known that Sans Undertale JR is one of the copies, and his business partner is a copy of Papyrus.


  • He copied his theme from Homestuck (It was Vriska Serket's). YOU COPIER!
    • The above was also copied from EarthBound. YOU COPY COPIER! (this is why people think that Sans is Ness)
  • His song was created by Toby Fox.
  • Some people theorize that Sans is actually Ness from EarthBound, but both deny this and it has been proven to be incorrect.
  • Sans is actually highly intelligent, like his father(?), W.D. Gaster, and his brother, Papyrus.
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