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" UR 2 SLOW "
  —Sanic again
" Cumon step it up! "
  —Sanic once again
Sanic Heghugh
Gender: Fast
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Fast green
Species: Hegehog
Home: Moobus
Death: Went too slow
AKA: Sonic (But 9,001x faster!)
Likes: Speed
Dislikes: Slowness
Education: Learned about how to be fast
Occupation: Rolin round at teh spid of sond
Known For: Running across the universe 600 times in one second
UnRank: Aleph Null

Sanic is a very fast Hegehog. He might be faster than Sonic. He might even be faster than entanglement. He was featured in the Sanic series, and various content.


Theme of sanic hegehog

Sanic's theme song.


Sanic was born before light was born. He had the entire universe to himself, yet all he did was run. 16,000,000,000 years later, Sanic went so fast that he created the Big Bang, possibly making Sanic a direct ancestor of Chuck Norris. A few millennia later, Sanic went so fast he entered the UnUniverse.

In 199something, a guy at Sega used the ultimate amount of fastness to create a game series for Sanic titled "Sanic Teh Heghugh". But the guy had terrible grammar making it called "Sonic The Hedgehog". Sonic became Sanic's rival for a few years.

Sanic decided to create SAYGUH to compete against SEGA. Various games include Sanic Teh Heghugh, Sanic Heors, Sanic Advencha, and Sanicball. All of his games were too fast and everyone gave it a 10/5. Even Sonic rated well. A very popular, ear-destroying theme called "Fast Hill Zome" (Zome is misspelled on purpose) that he used in his games. Other people made what Sonic calls "Rip-offs of Sonic music" that sound very good. Sonic wanted to sue but Sanic kept on saying that he came first.

Sanic hated the Sonic games because they were blatant rip-offs of Sanic stuff. This is why he started the "Sanic Luvurs Sonic Hatrs" club. Everybody liked Sonic and completely forgot about Sanic, so only his friends: Taels Teh Fux, Nuggles Teh Enchilada, Eme Rus, and Dr. Robotnik joined. All they got to do was break copies of Sonic games by walking on them.

Sanic once had a race with Yellow Bird. He won. He also had a race with Sonic. He won. AND, he also had a race with a LIGHTBULB. HE WON!!!

He was challenged to a race by This is Bob, who of course lost. This made the stick figure highly angry, so he stabbed Sanic, who DIEd.


  • He is faster than Chuck Norris.
    • You probably already know this by now.
  • He was once Classic Sanic, but got replaced with Modern Sanic. Classic Sanic is nice, while Modern Sanic is a lazy jerk.
  • He is a rival with Malleo, because of NintenD'oh & SAYGUH being rivals.
  • He runs the official Sonic Twitter account.
  • You read this page too slow.

his mega evolution, SUPER SANIC, got to go fasterrrerrrr