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Fear him.

Sanguine is the Daedric god of sin and debauchery. He, like many of the other Daedric gods, was created when Chuck Norris split up a fight between Marx and Bob Saget. This instance was so powerful, many gods were created. Sanguine was the god that came out of Chuck Norris' wrathful glare. They claim he is simply a destructive god and he is not "evil" in a human sense, but we all know this is crap. He's as evil as evil gets. I mean seriously, the guy has devil horns. It doesn't get more evil than devil horns.

Sanguine is the most evil and vile of all seventeen Daedric gods. He is the only one that dared spit in the face of Chuck E. Cheese. That doesn't really mean anything as Chuck E. Cheese is a pathetic wimp, but Sanguine really doesn't like him. Besides this, he is also a prankster, which Everybody knows is pure evil.

Sanguine is the second in command of the Daedric Army under Sheogorath, and he is therefore the second in command of Skyrim. He is worshiped as a minor but still very important god under Sheogorathism. He is a crazy god that likes to cause as much destruction as possible throughout Skyrim and the UnWorld.