him looking for more sand

Sunglasses Sandile

wearing shades so his eyes wont burn when looking at sand

Sandile is a Pokemon that is Ground-type and Dark-type. They like to live in sandy deserts and they LOVE sand. They are always asking for sand and their thirst for sand never ends. It is believed that they created all the sand in the desert that they live in. They even named themselves SANDile for their love of sand. Darth Vader wants to PWN them.

How they were made

Rumors say that Sandiles lived in the ocean and they saw sand on a nearby beach. Sand seemed to be a good source of food and a great thing to eat in, play in, sleep in, play shames in, eat more in it, that they swallowed it and then, some sand flew into the moon and the moon hates sand so it blasted a ray of lunar energy at the Sandile, causing them to join with the sand and the lunar energy gave them an additional power of darkness. So then, so many of them in one place created a desert and that's what happened.

More Sand

More Sand

Sandile asking for more sand


Sandiles love sand, they can't get enough of it. They even ask for more sand despite the fact that they live in a desert with sandstorms 24/7/365/10/10/10. Their best friends are Pokemon that can create sandstorms without even blinking including Hippowdon who can make sandstorms just by existing. They rival the Pokemon Sandshrew because Sandshrew always steals their sand and the Sandile try to steal their sand back but then they realize that there already is enough sand around them.


  • Sand Attack
  • Sand Throw
  • Sandstorm
  • Sand Slash
  • Sand Attack 2
  • Sand Bite
  • Sand DINNER
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