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San-nakji is a dish from North Korea and South Korea alike. It is a octopus's tentacles that were chooped up and served... ALIVE! It's tentacles still squirm after death, and only the bravest of Humans tried this dish. But worse, it's tentacles can cling onto your throat, intestines, and whatnot, suffocating you, AND YOU DIE!

The history of it we have so far is that one day in 1½ BC, there was a immense flood, some South Koreans because they are the only smart Koreans beileved that it was because a outside force got angry because they didn't have seafood in there diet yet, so they made san-nakji and ate it, they were right, and the flood slowly turned into a normal, calm ocean, it was soon revealed that it was Chuck Norris.

Some speculate that a Nuclear San-nakji is in the works by Hungry Kim Jong-un!

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