Sam star

She acts like the girl hulk.

Sam Star is Patrick Star's sister. She is very tough, and rivals the power of the Undefeatables, being on par with the immense strength of Super Strong Giant Person and Eleking.

Her enemy is Squidward Tentacles because she destroyed his house.She beats everyone up, even Patrick, but he doesn't mind because he's stupid. She also doesn't like SpongeBob SquarePants as she doesn't like him being friends with her brother. Sam looks like Patrick, but 10 times bigger.

Sometimes she uses all of her legs to rip SpongeBob SquarePants apart, but unfortunately he has always respawned by the next episode.


She also has a crush on Chuck Norris and loves to follow him around the UnUniverse, causing him to pull her legs off every time he catches her stalking him!!

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