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Salamence destroying a model city with a child.

Salamence, being cute.

Gender: Male
Eye color: Black
Species: Salamence
Likes: Being cruel everywhere.
Dislikes: Losing Flygon from his own claws.
Occupation: Good Person, Hero
Known For: Being part of the Teletubbies once
UnRank: 10^10

Salamence is a

He was formerly Flygon's boyfriend, but then she got disgusted by him doing evil stuff, so she broke up with him and dated Garchomp instead.

Salamence never joined the Satanist Empire due to that he simply doesn't want to join because he has his "own things to do", yet he joined with the Teletubbies anyways, hypocrite.

He was also in a former relationship with Dragonair, but Dragonair left.

Salamence then apologized to Flygon and Garchomp and was offered if he can team up with heroic Pokemon like themselves, which he did as he stated his villain years are over at long last.

He has also married Dragonair once more.

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