Salad Fingers

Gender: Male ♂
Eye color: Red
Species: Justin Bieber
Home: Small Shack
Death: Killed by Andrew
AKA: Justin Bieber's cousin
Likes: Rusty things
Dislikes: Mabel's voice
Education: Unknown.
Occupation: Who knows???
Known For: Being the most weird thing in existence

Salad Fingers Bieber was once a soldier of "The Great War", until a nuclear bomb exploded and mutated him beyond recognition.


He looks like Justin Bieber, but with long, salad-like fingers.

His Life Before "The Great War".

Salad Fingers was born in a poor family, and he lived with them until his parents died because the enemies blew up their house. When he was 11 years old, he went to the Military Academy to become a soldier. By the time he was 24 years old, an air force dropped a huge atomic bomb that caused buildings to collapse and mutated any living thing caught in its fallout, if they weren't downright destroyed by the explosion in the first place. That's the reason why Salad Fingers' face looks like Justin Bieber's.

Life after the war

He build himself a shack in a forest near a city. He did not know how to find a super market so he hunted animals and ate them alive. He also killed anyone who went into the woulds. after he killed the president everyone panicked but soon this guy conviced everyone to kill him. The mob went into the forest but Salad Fingers saw them coming and ran out of the woulds and into the city but after the mob got back they found him in a super market and beat him up but he woke up and killed them all just as Andrew arrived in the city. He started telling Andrew how much he loves rusty spoons for an hour and that made him so angry he grabbed Salad fingers in his jaws and broke is back and tore apart his body.

After that

All that is known is that he respawned and ate someone


  • Did you know that Salad Fingers looks like Justin Bieber? However, it is a popular opinion that Justin Bieber's face is worse looking than Salad Fingers.
  • He is a version of Justin Bieber with long, salad-like fingers.
  • His name is Salad Fingers because his fingers are long and look like salad.
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