Cquote1.png I'll Lodge a Tiara in your face if I have to! Cquote2.png
Sailor Moon When Drunk
Usagi Tsukino

Oh Noes, It's Sailor Moon!

Eye color: Blue
Species: Moon Alien (Half)
Human (Half)
Home: Moon
Death: Slaughtered by Her Cat (Later Respawned)
Likes: Killing Stuff, Her Team
Dislikes: Her Cat Luna
Education: 28 Years of Nazism
Occupation: Sailor Solider
Known For: Being a Terrorist
UnRank: 194520039

Sailor Moon is a Lunar Bastard who likes to kill stuff.


First Life

Princess Serenity before her Death.

Sailor Moon's first life was a Lunar Princess known as Princess Serenity. There on the Moon, she was an unknown general of the Japanese in The Fish War and Nazis in World War II. She started killing a whole ton of People, But then some idiots called the Black Moon Clan came and Killed her while landing on the Dark Side of the Moon. She would've been sent to hell, but she refused and tried to resurrect herself.

Second Life

Serenity failed resurrecting herself 5 times in a row, but then she possessed a little child, soon becoming Usagi Tsukino, otherwise Sailor Moon. Now in the form of a corrupted human, Sailor Moon unlocked more of her abilities and formed up an evil Terrorist group called the Sailor Soldiers. If you see her or any of the Sailors, Run.

Luna got adopted by Sailor Moon a few years later. Because of abusing Luna, the Cat Slaughtered Her Using a Sharp Boulder and Telekinesis. Of course, this Killed Sailor Moon, but since she is a Corrupted Human, she Respawned Very Easily. Same with the other Sailor Soldiers when a Plane Crashed into them. Chuck Norris noticed this, and being Drunk and all, He Uppercutted Luna to death. Too bad Chuck didn't do the Same with the Sailor Soldiers.

Series Making

After all of that craziness, Sailor Moon decided to corrupt Japanese People's minds by making an anime that teaches Children to kill anything Good. It became a success without anyone knowing that it was really an evil anime about Nazism. Since she is a Corrupted human and not a real one, sometimes she watches the fat Demons ASPLODE in the 3rd ring of Hell.


  • Tiara Boomerang
  • Disguise Pen (Bomb)
  • Crystal Stars
  • One Too Many Compact Items
  • "Holy" Water (actually Acid from the Teletubby Land Acid Lake)
  • Moon Stick
  • Luna (Her Cat)

Members of the Sailor Soldiers

Most of the Sailor Soldiers Ganged up in one Photo. (Disincluding Sailor Earth, Tuxedo Mask, and Sailor Virgin Media)

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