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" I am the Pretty Guardian, who fights for Love and for Justice! I am Sailor Moon! And now in the name of the Moon, I'll punish you! "
  —Sailor Moon's stock motto
Usagi Tsukino
She is the one named Sailor Mun!
Eye color: Blue
Age: 14, you fucking perverts
Zodiac: Cancer ♋
Species: Not Sure if she's an Alien or a Human...
Home: Moon
Death: Killed by the Black Moon Clan (Later Respawned)
Slaughtered by Her Cat (Later Respawned)
AKA: Princess Serenity
Sailor Mun
Queen of the Moon
Likes: Her Team, The Moon, Punishing Bad Guys
Dislikes: Her Cat Luna
Education: Mainly middle school education and a black cat
Occupation: Sailor Solider
Known For: Protecting the Moon and Japan
Alignment: Neutral Good
UnRank: 3005

Usagi Tsukino, also known as Sailor Moon is a pretty guardian who fights for love and justice.


First Life

Princess Serenity before her Death. As you can see, she used to be evil.

Sailor Moon's first life was an Alien known as Princess Serenity. Her original planet is unknown, though what we do know is that she wanted to start taking over planets. Serenity decided to head to the Solar System and she and her other friends took over each of the planets of the Solar System. Sailor Moon was going to take over the Earth, but when she landed, she met a man named Prince Endymion. Simping over him, Sailor Moon decided to not take over the Earth and instead lived on the Moon, since it was the scariest thing she could think of living on for people to fear her. There on the Moon, she was an unknown general of The Fish War. While Serenity was less evil than she was, she would still fire lazers down at anyone who would threaten her crush.

After some time, some mysterious people called the Black Moon Clan came, killed Serenity, asploded her kingdom, and stole her supply of Nachos. We don't know who the Black Moon Clan is, or why they destroyed the Moon Kingdom. We don't even know if they did their actions intentionally or not! Since there is no evidence who the Black Moon Clan is, it's mostly theorized that the culprit of Serenity's death is the UnAmericans, since they launched a nuke at the Moon some time ago, and it could have coincidentally hit her castle. It doesn't really matter at this point, since Serenity later respawned as a new person named Usagi Tsukino.

Second Life

After Usagi was reborn, she forgot her entire previous self and lived a boring life for 14 years, until she met a mysterious cat named Luna. Luna was a major general and one of the last survivors of the Moon Kingdom. Luna wanted to destroy all of the other moons so that there could be only one primary moon in the solar system. Luna gave Usagi magical powers and convinced her to fight 'bad guys' (the other aliens living on the other moons). Usagi sorta was able to see through Luna's tricks (or at least had a hunch she was evil) and decided to instead fight the weirdos in Japan. And so, Usagi became the Sailor Moon we know and love today.

Other humans eventually got the news that a cute anime girl that beating the shit out of enemies, and decided to make up a show for her actions. Sailor Moon was flattered herself, to say the least. However, despite all of the fame and fortune she was getting from her popularity, Luna was still hellbent on her goals. Getting impatient, Luna decided to form up a group of girls with Sailor Moon known as the Sailor Guardians, or Sailor Scouts by UnAmericans. Unfortunately for Luna, this only made Sailor Moon more popular and famous, and therefore Usagi dug deeper into this whole hero thing instead of ruining the Moons. Eventually many years later, Luna had enough and killed Sailor Moon by crushing her with her telekinesis powers like a Soda Can.

Everyone was sad that Sailor Moon died. The rest of the Sailor Guardians executed Luna for her crimes, even though Sailor Moon eventually came back and wanted to join the fun. Interestingly enough, Sailor Moon was able to control her respawning powers even better than before, since she can now respawn without being reborn. Most likey because of her training from Luna. Either way, the other Sailor Guardians decided to join the group after realizing that Sailor Moon's intentions we're good. Usagi did eventually go to space, but to protect the Moons instead of destroying them. Right now, Sailor Moon has a second series under her belt, a handful of movies and manga, and too many merchandise to count. Right now the Sailor Guardians are planning to merge with the Crystal Alliance, however there are some conflicts with their past that are in the way for Kris to see them as truly good. Sailor Moon herself was able to get in, though the others are currently being judged by Sans at the moment. (Kris was too busy fighting Q)

Abilities and Weapons

  • Kicking
  • Crying
  • Can use her Tiara as a frisbee
  • A wand that heals people and Fires Lazers
  • Luna (Her Cat, before she died)
  • Limited Teleportation
  • Two More Phases