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the n00b that made SOPA is trying to show what the pirate that took his one dollar looked like

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is a stupid bill (no not the type they give at restaurants or the one you find on ducks) that is going to somehow stop pirates from going online. Though it's somehow supposed to be good for us, it will backfire and affect the entire internet! Why would anyone do this? Well, here it goes...

The n00b Who Made It

This n00b remains to be unanymous meaning he doesn't want people to know him but the moron has posted pictures of himself online anyways. (We might be dealing with Jack Thompson in his even eviller form). This already show what kind of stupid stuff we're dealing with.

Anyways, this n00b one day was going to buy a Pop-Tart for 1 dollar on online. Though he bought it from a pirate so he never got his Pop-Tart and his 1 dollar went to waste. He was shocked that there were evil pirates online, taking away money from people so he thought about what would go good with Chocolate Milk when he remembered that he was trying to do something about the pirate.

Since he knew he was powerful and could make laws, he wanted to stop pirates online and while he made that bill, he thought that it would block other websites like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia, UnAnything Wiki, and the worst, Facebook. Everyone else liked it (they were n00bs) and now, everyone is rebelling into a full out war called the Internet War.