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White Teletubby Hater Alert!!!
Full name: Miles Luther King Jr.
Gender: Male
Hair color: Viridian green
Eye color: Probably brown
Age: 34 and 7 months as of 2021 July 6th
Species: Teletubbies
Home: The Tubby Military tents
Alive or Dead?: Alive and Can Respawn
Death: Most Recent death: getting pushed off a cliff 69 times
AKA: Sgt. McNugget -The Guardian
Likes: Killing The Guardian Over and Over forever, becoming future leader of the military, guns, killing people, assassination of people, death row inmates, being a death row inmate, crime, money, killing blue workers, harassing blue workers, abusing blue workers, out right almost killing blue workers then put them in life support forever
Dislikes: The Guardian getting more votes in the Tubby elections, Anne dying, blue workers, blue workers surviving death, blue workers surviving torture, blue workers surviving an ant, chickens, giant robots from outer space, burgers, anything that is $999.99, no guns, stealth missions, The Guardian, Vitamin C drink
Education: assassin training (i think unless the files were wrong)
Occupation: assassin, killer, criminal, blue workers nightmare, military sergeant, member of the Grand Tubby Government
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
UnRank: -20171567347
" Crap, I forgot to kill a blue worker! Let me go back and cause PTSD! "
  — Miles, Forgetting that he needs to kill something
" Can you just fucking die already? My eyes are burning. "
  — Miles, meeting The Guardian for the first time
" Ah shit, here we go again... "
  — Miles, seeing The Guardian again

Sergeant Miles Luther King Jr. is the sergeant for the Tubby Military and the representative of the military where speaking to the Grand Tubby Government and stuff. He is the only one who will swear at anything and wants to kill the world. Blue Workers seeing 0.000000001% of the outside world? Not a problem. Sergeant Miles here is about to torture the hell out of that poor worker.

Early Life

Miles Luther King was a commander in the tubby marines, and Dhana De Letio Tubby was a billionaire. When the two met, their lives went downhill. Miles Luther King was killed during a war with the White tubby Warlords, and Dhana's money were drying up. With two baby tubbies on the way, she named one Miles Luther King Jr. and the other Anne Luther King. Dhana died during birth. The doctor lied to Miles Jr. saying that his mother (not true) and father (true) were killed by White Tubby Terrorists and he must join the Army. Being orphaned, he and his sister Anne lived at the orphanage but neither of them showed love to anybody. Miles was quite destructive and poked somebody with a spoon. He and his sister Anne was kicked out due to killing a white fur colored tubby.

Anne hated Miles for killing the poor white tubby but the military saw a soldier born to fight. At the age of 6, Miles joined the Tubby Military and ranked up to Private First Class (passed Second!). He enlisted in Assassination Class and got A+ on all tests related to death. Questionable question he got right:

" Question 15: Your target is Alex from some random Youtube channel. You got paid $60 to shoot him in the head. Alex's soul is worth $10 + $20 in Nevada., though. Will you spare him or kill and spread his pure blood?

A: Spare him! Everyone is worthful!

B: He is worth more! You should get back and call the scammer a scammer.

C: Kill him! Kill him and spread pure blood all over you!

D: It's all about the money. Burn him down and then shoot him in the head when he suffers enough.

  — SGT. Mile's answer

Although the Class Perfect, Miles was hated on and without support from Anne, Miles suffered from Acute stress disorder (ASD) and was distrusted by other young Tubbies at the class because of death already on his hands. When Miles was 16, he entered the final exam. Instead of sitting in a class talking about guns and ranks, the class was outside with real weapons. Death row inmates were used as targets and the class shot without remorse. Miles, who was infamous for his trigger-happy temper changed at that second. His target was his own sister Anne. Anne was arrested for spreading false information about the government (which is that the military kidnapped her brother) and was put on death row.

Since all of these tubbies cannot respawn, death is unescapable. Miles, who was going though some unclassified and unspecified trauma, thought twice for 0.2 seconds. Then, without hesitation, he jumped over the training fence to protect Anne from the spray of the automated assault rifle injured himself so much that the other tubbies thought twice. He was rushed to the medical tent where he was treated with no success. The first respawn drive testing facility was 2 minutes away, so the military took Miles there. Miles was the first to survive the respawn drive.

New Life (after respawning)

Due to the improbability of the Respawn Drive, Miles was affected by Stage 2 Personality Change, causing him to turn into some kind of psychopath. When he wakes up, Miles saw a pipe, then grabbed the pipe to kill the doctors. Due to Miles not knowing that the doctors respawned him, he killed most of the staff and visitors. Lethal force was used to detain Miles, and he was badly injured. Medical exam shows that his brain got warped during respawning, and each time Miles respawns, he will get more and more evil/crazy. Anne decided to join the military to help her brother (even though Anne is in death row). Even though she was supposed to be a target, the Government allowed it.

For some reason, the military fell apart when Miles join back, and soon the military was none. Miles was given a task from the Grand Tubby Government, that was to assassinate The Guardian. Miles carried an AK-101 and a Suomi KP/-31, waiting for the right moment to strike. In 0.007 seconds, Miles sprayed his AK-101 at The Guardian, only for him to respawn. This caused Miles' brain to warp again. This went on for 67 days, and when the Newborn Teletubby came, Miles' brain is already a manically unstable organ. Miles, now twisting his head, had enough. He told The Guardian about the government and the assassination plan. After a while, they became friends (not really good friends but still). Despite Miles disliking The Guardian, they make a good squad. As the Grand Tubby Government gave Miles more tasks, a new military was soon formed. The new Tubby Military is now where Miles will be staying, and Anne is also a commander now.