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The SEGA Shaming System 2 is the sequel to the very famous yet very terrible SEGA Shaming System. It was initially created in 1993 after the UnUnited Nations forced SEGA to stop making the original. The SEGA Shaming System was very popular for some time (we don't know what time, maybe 4 o' clock), but was eventually forgotten, ending the SEGA Shaming System series.

The terrible console


The SEGA Shaming System 2 was initially created as an add-on to the original Shaming System. The idiots at SEGA then realized that making an add-on to a device no longer in production is something that stupid people would do. Stupid people like Apple. SEGA did not want to be like Apple, so they made the SSS2 its own system.

It hit stores about three years after it was created, but it still hit stores the year it was created (it is believed Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked the system back to 1993). Every store in the history of stores sold out of the SSS2 within fifteen minutes of its release. It helps that they sold it on Black Friday, and the only store in the history of stores at the time was Wal-Mart.

The SSS2 was widely applauded for five years. No kidding, people just stood there and clapped for five years. NO YOU IDIOT, THEY DIDN'T REALLY CLAP FOR FIVE YEARS! But it was really popular for about five years. This is when the dreaded Master Chief awoke from his five minute cryo-catnap, and started shooting stuff with his Spartan Laser. The SSS2 was not able to recover from this tragedy. Production was halted by the UnUnited Nations shortly afterwards, because it is unlegal to sell a shaming system that has already been blown up.


The SEGA Shaming System 2 was very high-tech for its time. Not only did it possess the ability to play shames, but it had one key feature Nintendo shaming systems lacked. It also let you watch VHS! People of the today time are disgusted by that, but Ancient Geek technology was really popular at the time.

In addition, the SEGA Shaming System 2 also had several other features that were common among shaming systems. For one, it had high-power weapons capabilities. This particular system had three auto-turrets, a Rocket Launcher, and this really annoying sound that gives people a headache.


The SEGA Shaming System 2 was the most popular shaming system ever made by SEGA. People liked it because there was no Mario in it, which was a very serious problem at the time. The SSS2 was actually more popular than the Nintendo 64 for about five minutes.