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Sega Shaming in all of its glory

The SEGA Shaming System is a stupid device made by SEGA in the hopes of competing with Nintendo in the production of shames. I know, it's pathetic, but that's what their goal was. It was almost successful, but then it wasn't. The SEGA Shaming System is now sitting in the bottom of the crap pile, right next to the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The SEGA Shaming System was invented in 1973, but kept hidden from the public, because SEGA wanted the infamous "secret publicity stunt". However, they were not making much money by doing this, so they started selling the system in hopes of actually making a profit. This profit would then pay for the lottery tickets, which are given to SEGA employees instead of paychecks.

The SEGA Shaming System was almost successful. But then it wasn't because Nintendo had just come out with the Nintendo 64, which was way cooler than the SEGA Shaming System, which was using Ancient Geeks Era technology. However, the SEGA Shaming System was redeemed by one key point. In no part of it or any of its shames was there any reference of Mario. Alex Kidd's Pointless Adventure almost had a Mario reference, but every company in the world (surprisingly even Nintendo) sued.

The SEGA Shaming System remained in stores for approximately 20 years, until the UnUnited Nations deemed it too terrible, and halted production. The SEGA Shaming System will not be forgotten, however, because it has planted mind control devices in out minds.